A P O E M – Rise

I Rise.

Does this mean there will be no more challenges?


But I Rise.

The enlightenment I feel in my heart.

I Rise.

The strength I feel in my soul.

I Rise.

I am a learner of life. I wish to grow, to glow.

I Rise.

The power within me is greater than the eye can see,

The world around me is wider than my eyes can see,

Like the phoenix to the flame.

I Rise.

Today is a brand new day.

I Rise.

I am greatful for the adventures of yesterday.

I Rise.

The hope for better days will never change,

There’s always room for better ways.

Be bold In Your pursuit of happiness.

In my acceptance of my best life.

I Rise.

As I look in awe into the night sky blessed to be born of this time.

I Rise.

As I Rise, I Grow; as I grow, I evolve.

I no longer wander through the pages of yesterday.

I am greatful to be here today,

To witness the beauty of a seed planted long ago.

I Rise.


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