A P O E M – Elevate

Do you see your beauty?

Do you know who you are?

Are you willing to address and unwrap all your scars?

Do you practice Self Kindness?

Do you know true Self Love?

When you lay your head to rest at night are you happy with the Self that you lay?

Have you said your thank you’s, for the blessing of another day?

Do you walk through life with gratitude for the magnificence you are fortunate enough to see?

Are you willing to unravel all the lies to emancipate yourself from the false sense of Being?

Are you a culmination of all you have been told or do you walk this Earth bravely, doing all that serves your soul?

What’s your trajectory of progression?

Will you move forward in life learning your lessons, being courageous as you climb mountains you dared dream of in your sleep,

Sending love to all – even those who make you weep?

Do you see your beauty?

As you propel forward,

for you,

here is my wish:

“Enjoy your life to the fullest, remember to give back for all that you get. Live a life so full you have no moments for regrets.”

🧡 #ldlorepoetry

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