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When you overindulge for comfort you have to, simply put, just catch yourself and stop particularly if your over indulging isn’t healthy.

Over indulgence, I believe, is a habit formed from lacking in some way, at some point in life.

Right now, can you identify where you lack and if nothing springs to mind, understand this – you are no longer lacking in any way shape or form, you have just allowed yourself to believe you lack for such a long time, you may struggle to recognise and acknowledge abundance. 

Your life is full of abundance. Take a look around you – see the magnificence of your life and be greatful, with all your heart be greatful. You can always have more but can you greatful for all you have right now. 

It’s time to release any remaining pain and push forward. Let your magic grow. Release your need to control the unknown and be free.

Over indulging in anything stems from a need to hold onto something.

Can you identify what you are trying to hold onto? Is it healthy or unhealthy? Does it bring you inner peace and balance or turbulence and unrest?

One key area I can recognise where I over indulge is with unnatural food, I am aware I am doing so as a means of either masking or numbing vulnerability or ignoring a physical need in particular sleep/rest.

This is a focal point for me at the moment, learning to take naps as and when necessary especially after encountering great practices like breathwork, where practicing and maintaining breathing techniques enable individuals to completely change their sleeping patterns.

What can you immediately recognise as something you over indulge in – an activity, a person, a substance, fear, an outdated narrative, a behaviour? The list is endless.

As beings we have so many layers, there is so much untapped depth that many overlook but I believe practicing Self Love enables us to overcome anything that no longer serves us, at any point in life.

Do you understand your greatness? 

When the mind is left to rot you create an internally dis-eased prison but when you nurture your mind, your garden, even weeds grow beautifully, see all of us have a powerful destiny and it’s vital you walk your path. 

Bear witness to what doesn’t serve you and act accordingly.

What do you overindulge in and what do you under indulge in?

Is Self Care a priority?

Do you operate with the idea that you lack? 

You lack nothing! 

You possess all you need in order to get where you want to get, nurture Self Belief.

And like a caged bird with the door open and the opportunity to be free, you hold the key but choice will leave your scale uneven, if you do not choose wisely. 

Tell me what you indulge in – does it truly make you happy? Does it set your mind free?

Sending light and love, ALWAYS x

“To Love Thyself Would Be An Awfully Big Adventure.” LD Lore

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