Audio Version: https://anchor.fm/ldlore/episodes/A-P-O-E-M—R-A-G-E-ef1c2v

When you wake up and all you feel is rage,

Because the timelines are blowing up with rage,

And there’s no outlet,

No way to shed the pain,

And I could flip the script and change the narrative but won’t that make me just as bad as the arrogant who walk around in their bougie palaces,

No knowledge or understanding of fear.

And in reality I don’t know how to save me and why am I wondering round always feeling like I need saving. Am I lost?

I don’t know how to channel this energy or how to release this rage inside of me,

No one to turn to to guide me, no one in my mind to see what I see.

The only one who can save me is me but what exactly am I trying to save myself from?

Bullshit expectations from people who can’t fill their own voids.

Pouring out love because that just comes naturally yet getting it back feels wrong and if you get it back you’re lucky,

But some don’t know what to do with unconditional love so they break you even though they know it’s wrong.

What’s free?

Coz we still have our chains on and were still singing the same song peacefully, while we’re left to rot and they throw away the key.

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