Cultivate Self Trust

You’re either in or out or out or in but baby you must be brave.

You either believe or you don’t, you will or you won’t but there’s no half way because half way is unsure, anxiety driven and nervous.

Be Free. Be Free. Be Free.

Open your eyes to all that you see,

Open your heart to all that you feel,

All the greatness is real.

You just have to be consistent with belief.

Be real. Say what you feel. There’s greater things of more importance than being liked anyway.

Let’s start with do you like yourself?

Do you understand health is wealth?

Do you move freely?

How do you get out of your ego when you do not know the ego is in the way?

Are you present in this fleeting moment or is this fleeting moment passing by?

How often are you taking time to step outside of this mind?

Do you offer yourself time?

Everything you want you will have,

Just be brave and face all your lessons on the way.

There is no destination my darlings, there is always only here and now.

Leap into the unknown,

Be scared to be the follower of the crowd.

Do nothing halfheartedly.

If your effort isn’t there, know that means your effort isn’t there.

Don’t waste your time.

The erasure of true history is constant because we keep recycling rotten systems – be brave – stand out of line.

Time to reroute the train.

Play your music L O U D!

Make sure your heart is kind but baby girl don’t be no fool.

Keep TV light – always balanced nothing wrong with a heart felt laugh, from your tummy to tears sent from your heart.

Do that with friends.

Learn to let pain be free. It to has to pass but if you hold it in you’ll make it last.

Dear, Dear, beautiful, free yourself.

You’re free to flee.

Move on to your beautiful tale.

All you could ever want awaits, you’ll see.

Sending light and love, ALWAYS x


Spotifiy: Londrelle Spirituality & Philosophy


  1. But baby you must be brave, love this. 💪🏿 This week at work I incidentally told a man he was selfish when he took someone else’s vegan food leaving them to go hungry. I said it without malice but he didn’t take it well. It was just fact!

    Turns out he was a manager 😂🤷🏿‍♀️ Still stick by it

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well done for being brave!

      The world has it backwards managers etc are human beings with a title that effectively means nothing.

      Well done for having the courage to do the right thing and speaking your truth regardless of anyone’s title.

      Be brave beautiful x


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