Step Into You

Honour your feelings.

Refrain from being scared of your feelings and learn to honour them, the highs, the lows, they all serve a purpose.

Refrain from running from your healing, you need to heal in order to grow. Do whatever you need to in order to climb your mountain and gently let go of all you need to, along the way.

Baggage Is Baggage.

Love Yourself 1st.

There’s nothing more important than Self Love which is just love, a true love of Self.

Be intentional with the seeds you plant, be mindful of all externally that you keep in your orbit, anything can seep into your garden, the mind is fragile but not weak.

Learn the importance of nurturing yourself first.

Teach yourself Self Respect before you let the world teach it to you.

Humans are humans and there are a lot of humans running away from themselves, like there’s somewhere to go. Little do they know the hell they have created is there home. You do not have to be a part of it and this is why you must put Self Love first. Your willingness to grow others when you haven’t grown yourself could quite literally be the death of you.

Set Yourself Free.

Grow your own garden before you give from your garden.

Know that suffering is a by product of ignoring your responsibilities and you do not deserve to suffer.

Happiness is your right.

Peace is your right.

Self Love is your right.

Being your most authentic Self is the only way to be, in a world that has been driven by lies and greed, by sick men who are yet to plead insanity.

The only way you get to do the things you wish to do is by doing them. This world is riddled with distraction know that it is your choice in what you participate in.

You hold the keys to your life and when you rely too heavily on external forces you can easily be misguided, acknowledge and appreciate you can make room to come back to yourself, to recreate yourself, to revalue yourself, to big up yourself, there is much magnificence in you Queen and giving your greatness away is a choice.

Put the work in, up yourself value for yourself, be free to move away from the norms of the herd.

What’s your destiny?

What’s you’re calling?

What are you passionate about?

What do you love?

How are you enabling yourself to excel?

Do you practice Self Care?

Do you love the body you’re in?

Everything you have, everything you were born with is and will always be a perfectly imperfect part of you, never allow external factors to cause you to forget that.

Self Love is the grandest love you can cultivate and thereafter any other love is merely a bonus.

Demonstrating Self Love, your presence alone, exuding a radiant Self Love won’t be accepted by everybody, you will grow to be ok with that.

Love Yourself Anyway.

Solitude is a necessity, depending on your upbringing you may have to unlearn all you endured and embrace relearning how to navigate the world for yourself entirely, be accepting of this. Know you are always guided and when you ask for help. It will always appear, just not always how you expect it to be.

Have faith in yourself – eradicate the notion that you need others to believe in you, you need to believe in yourself!

In all your action, remember to ask yourself will this bring me peace?

Peace is the balance between happiness and sadness.

Will this, what I’m about to do bring me peace?


Comparison is the death of Self.

Fear is the death of Self.

Love is the only way.

Fear is a psychological tool to diminish your magnitude, be wise enough to be able to discern who is truly for you.

Vibrate so high, your frequency attracts those who vibrate at the same level and deflects low vibrations – never forgetting there is always a lesson to be learned. People carry messages for one another you just have to pay attention.

Do all that sets your soul a blaze and know you cannot carry everyone and you really mustn’t try to. Each individual has lessons to learn and sometimes what you think is helping can hold someone back, acting as ones safety net doesn’t help them to grow. Be mindful of your own co-dependency.

If your direction is changing, flow with it.

Love yourself enough to grow with it and leave the past far behind you.

How will you step forward into your own leadership?

Be gentle with yourself but be wise with your time and simply start, just start wherever you are. Just start.

Always know what you don’t know how to do you can learn – the world is your true school; you have much to learn. Time is a concept of man – you have lots of time, build your empire goddess; now and always is your time to shine.

Understand and accept your life will never be the same but it will be unfathomably better, greater, than you can imagine, you can have your wildest dreams and beyond.

Accept yourself, imperfectly perfect as you are. Allow yourself to blossom, own your soft soul and always protect yourself, never fear being on your own.

Being A Lone Doesn’t Mean You’re Alone.

You are mighty!

You are powerful!

You are loved!

And in your own life:

Identify Love

Revere Love

Magnify Love

Ascend Love

You determine your worth young Queen!

You can create a magical life, the one you imagine is available to you!

Go and get it!

This space will always serve as reminder, that life has it’s ups and downs but we never give up.

There is always hope, we just have to be paying attention to ourselves and nurture Self Love.

Sending light and love, ALWAYS.

“To Love Thyself Would Be An Awfully Big Adventure.”           


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