Dear Womxn

Dear Womxn

We have been told by Man how to think, feel and breathe, what to look like, dress like, behave like, like we aren’t queens.

When did I remove my crown to bow down to your laws, mutilation of the body is looked upon like it’s a norm,

Children wishing they can be black when their white, black children straightening their hair to be alright,

like the curly or afro hair on their head isn’t a delight.

Dear Womxn

Why do we put up with mistreatment like we aren’t queens,

like every man didn’t come from a vagina,

like man is god’s gift,

when man brings with him destruction and greed.

Dear Womxn

We have been robbed of the knowledge of our greatness not by all but by some, do you know we were the warriors and created movements man hadn’t even begun.

Dear Womxn

You are strong whether you have or haven’t bore the weight of a child and heavy is the burden when the man can’t muster the strength to be around


Queen you still shine, you still rise, you’re still great!

Never let a man take you out of your place.

Treat you good one minute then he thinks it’s ok to treat you bad, you’re not a dish cloth and his wicked games aren’t something you should ever have.

Remember you teach a person how to treat you and if a man cannot bear your weight,

he isn’t ready,

to step up to the plate.

Having children with someone won’t make them change, if he still chooses to abuse you then you must be strong enough to go your separate ways.

One day the fighting will become worse

and the emotional abuse will get to your head

 and then on top of that you’ll both mistreat the children,

 without regret.

Dear womxn

You are, oh so powerful, you have so much might,

if only you could see what I see,

you wouldn’t put up a fight for mistreatment,

or allow anyone to dictate how you should be, what you could look like or what clothes you’re wearing.

It would be wise to come together,

it would be wise to set ourselves free from a world of degrading, mutilating patriarchy.

No more comparing, no more jealousy, move forward we the understanding we were born perfectly imperfect and perfectly imperfect is how we’re supposed to be.  

Remember the children are watching,

we have a responsibility to teach them,

especially if men will not step up and be men.

Love yourself young Queen and care not whose watching, love yourself and share your light,

one day soon our return to reign will be called from the shadows of the night.

Dear Womxn

Are you ready?

Because all I can see is destruction brought about by man made things, that have had no place on Mother Earth since the beginning.

And so I have to ask you, address you, scream aloud,

will you be your biggest support, your biggest fan in the crowd.

Not everyone that’s watching you is really there to see and so you have to decipher how you protect your femininity, masculinity,

Oh yeah that thing remember,

I forgot we were allowed,

To own our capes and own our crowns you bad gyal are righteous, you must never forget your place,

You were born for greatness,

Don’t let no one cut short your race,

Don’t let know one diminish your soul,

We’re coming back with a vengeance for all that we have been wronged.

Please don’t talk so harshly, please be a bit gentler, they’ll say,

Make a man try me, I did not come here to play.

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