Rise In Power 6.5.20 Embrace Yourself

Embrace Yourself.

Be prepared to witness your beauty,

Your ugliness,

Your greatness,

Be prepared to see yourself for who you are.

Be open to change but know that change comes with challenges,

Change requires determination and an inner strength you haven’t encountered.

Embrace reality.

Understand that in order to become who you want to be,

Who you are being called to be,

You have to be willing to let go of all that you hold onto.

Embrace who you are now.

Walk with open arms towards loving yourself.

You are free and being free means not carrying anyone else.

In becoming and embracing yourself, you must be prepared to shed many skins and face many internal deaths.

Rise above all you have ever known to be true and sacrifice all that was, for all that will be.

Embrace yourself,

Love yourself,

Don’t be fearful of your strength or your greatness,

Be bold in your madness,

Set yourself free.

Embrace the truest you,

You have ever been.

Sending light and love, ALWAYS x

“To Love Thyself Would Be An Awfully Big Adventure.” LD Lore

Podcast: https://anchor.fm/ldlore/episodes/Rise-In-Power-6-5-20-Embrace-Yourself-edmcoq

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