In an out of the old and then back into the new and then back and forth like a dance because trauma has a hold but the trauma is cold. Damp. Dead.

No longer a place for comfort or to hide,

No longer a soft toy to grasp at, not that I recall having one, a special one anyway.

As I took a nap, I awoke to a joyous feeling of release,

No longer stuck in limbo,

No path already trodden in front of me but am I free?

As I woke, what seems to be lingering around me is the notion: ‘Let go.’

So I pray I can let go and I pray, I can rise above all that I no longer wish to carry with me down the winding road and I pray for sight to see, for I do not wish to avoid reality, to avoid transparency, to avoid a calling that can sometimes be much louder than I ever knew it could ever be.

And so, as I rise, as I transition from caterpillar to butterfly, no mapped road to wander, I pray as I have always prayed to be free.

I pray not to look back at a past that does not represent me.

I step into a safe space that I have created, honouring my right to love me, showing appreciation for all the scars I chose not to see, offering Self Forgiveness for all the nights I cried myself to sleep for all the tears I did brokenly weep.

Forward I will climb, as I T R A N S I T I O N.

I am open to transition.

I am walking in my truth.

I pray for strength as I climb.

Fly beautiful butterfly, let your light shine.

Sending light and love, ALWAYS x

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