What Is Self Love?

Self Love

I had a request to write more on Self Love so here goes.  

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It comes at quite a pivotal time and so I wanted to delve into my understanding of Self Love, at this moment.

May I remind you any understanding can be amended as you walk through life, things change and I believe it’s important to flow with change and embrace our developed understandings.

Take from this what resonates and leave anything that doesn’t, sit with anything that arouses questions and don’t forget to practice a Self Love that embodies who you are, for you.

Remember that loving yourself properly enables you to love others greatly, don’t give out what you don’t have. Operating from a deficit has consequences and will impact your mental health at some point.

Self Love Is Not Selfish!

“To Love Thyself Would Be An Awfully Big Adventure.” LD Lore

What is Self Love?

Self Love is the delight in revering oneself, valuing oneself beyond what society has labelled you as, loving the skin you’re in for your beauty and your ugliness, taking a journey through both the negative and positive aspects of who you are.

Self Love is the practice of Self Care and Self Preservation.

Self Love means embarking on a journey greater than you,

An asking of Self to step outside of the confines of trajectory, of false being, the removal of derogatory masks.

Ownership of Self.

Self Love = Self Growth

Self Growth Takes Time

Self Love = Self Belief

Self Belief Is A Climb

Self Love = Self Understanding

Self Understanding requires solitude and Self Observation

Self Love = Self Elevation

Self Elevation requires awareness

Do you stand tall in who you are?

Be open to the notion that who you are is ever changing, giving yourself permission to grow but know your roots run deep and the ancestors walk through you.

Self Love is embracing your ugliness and your beauty – nothing to do with the admiration of your exterior.  

Self Love asks you to tell me about your character, your personality, your driving force, your purpose, your understanding of life, your heritage, your history, your truth?

Self Love asks:

Who are you?

Self Love is the permeant abolishment of a mask you wear to hide who you are, abolishment of practices that do not serve you as an individual, abolishment of harm you cause to yourself and others, to the earth and the world around you.

Self Love is the integration of everything good and the awareness of harm.

Self Love is a powerful, uplifting, purifying energy.   

 Self Love is NEVER allowing others to taint or hinder your perception of Self, you know there are badmind individuals who prey on the sweethearts of the world, to make them see themselves as not what they truly are, to corrupt the greatness they will create and the greatness that their being has to give to create a better world.

Self Love is being mindful of Self, for Self.

If you are a sweet soul, and you’ll know if you are, Self Love is a means of protection against any energy that comes to knock you off your throne.

Overall, Self Love is a means of protecting yourself, a means of deciphering mistreatment and neglect and holding a powerful awareness and Self Respect for oneself, to prevent you from tolerating anything below what you deem acceptable.

Planting seeds of Self Love in children is necessary.

Self Love is holding yourself accountable and responsible for yourself.

Good people don’t mistreat good people. Good people help good people rise because true Self Love eradicates jealousy

Self Love enables you to understand that comparison truly is the death of self and no one can compare to you, even two people doing the same thing will go about creating differently.

Self Love reminds you of your uniqueness and that one size fits all is a lie.  

True Self Love says: I see no one as a threat because I am powerful in my own right and I would never wish to see another suffer.

Self Love is Safety.

Self Love generates a Self Awareness so mighty, you develop an inner strength and fine-tuned observation skills, preventing others from projecting their idea of you onto you, becoming so strong within yourself you start to acknowledge walking alone as a blessing.

Self Love eradicates loneliness because you are no longer pursuing something externally. You begin to nurture a love so divine only another who can match that, will be able to dance with you.

Find yourself

Heal Yourself

Grow Yourself

Love Yourself

Self Love asks you to work on yourself for yourself first, to undergo any and all changes at your own will with full commitment to Self.

Do you love the skin that you’re in?

Do you love your natural hair?

Are you studying your history?

Do you know why the world is the way it is?

What are you doing to contribute to a better future for your children and your children’s children and the children of others, that doesn’t evolve hoarding wealth or being greedy?

How are you nurturing yourself?

What understanding of the body do you have besides what you’ve been told?

What are you reading?

How are you creating?

Children love to create. When did creativity get knocked out of you and whose standard are you judging yourself by?

Self Love is liberation.

Self Love is emancipation.

Do you have a negative internal narrative or worse are you a gossiper, two faced and unaware that you walk around spreading evil seeds making everyone out to be the bad person but never reflecting on who you are, your actions and the big one, how you actually treat yourself?

To be clear Self Love isn’t easy – it heart wrenching at times. You don’t get to avoid your ugliness and when I use this term I’m not speaking of the idolatry and obsession society has with looks, I speak of the ugliness we bottle within ourselves and the ugliness that rears it’s head when we aren’t in control or when we allow the ego to take over.

Most don’t want to delve into their ugliness because admitting the truth baring witness to our wrongdoings, our mannerisms, our Self Neglect/Self Harm, seems hard when we’re avoiding ourselves but once you start this kind of work you learn that you can get through it. Yes, it’s painful to address what you’ve comfortably overlooked but the outcomes, I say outcomes because this work is never ending; Self Love is a practice you overcome one hurdle and that brings forth the next, the outcomes outweigh hardship, suffering and help you realign with who you truly are.

The hard part is that if you have afforded yourself a level of comfortability which you’re proud of, you also afford yourself a level of ignorance which you may be unaware of and unwilling to shake.

Self Love is a choice.

Do you care enough about yourself to embark on your journey, embracing the highs and the lows or are you willing to carry on down the path you’re on?

Are you happy with your life?

Self Love is laying your head to rest knowing that if today is the only day you have, have you done all within your power to create a powerful, purposeful day, have you helped yourself in a positive way that will benefit your tomorrow, have you acted kindly and with compassion towards yourself and in laying your head to rest, can you do so in peace not caught up in the tragic distractions of life, free of any Self Harming habits and negative internal dialog?

Do you Rise In Power and say thank you for your life?

The cards you are dealt are yours, no one can take them on for you but you can make choices that better you or enable your demise.

Self Love allows you to cultivate a mighty inner strength and an overstanding, that no matter what you are going through, no matter your trials and tribulations, you will prevail. The choices you make will either cause you to go down the hard path or a less complex path and you get to choose.

What’s your life’s motivation?

How do you practice Self Love?  

Do you love yourself?

If you answered yes, what do you love about yourself? And if you answered no, Why not?

The hard questions help you work on Self, you just have to ask yourself are you willing to participate in your own Self Love practice or are you not?

Feel free to leave a comment on your Self Love practice and don’t be shy if you have any questions. Otherwise you’re welcome to drop me an email @: selfloveloveself365@gmail.com

Don’t forget to share with anyone you feel this would benefit. And remember:

“To Love Thyself Would Be An Awfully Big Adventure.” LD Lore


Sending light and love, ALWAYS x

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