Checking In Not Checking Out

Check in, not out because now is a positive time to reflect on Self.

What are you holding onto that no longer serves you, what traumas are you still avoiding, what level of awareness are you ignoring?

How are you reflecting?

How are you Self Loving?

How are you practicing Self Kindness, Self Compassion, Self Understanding and Self Forgiveness?

It’s time to turn off the loop that you’ve had on repeat for years.

It’s time to embrace all you can be, retaining any old aspects of Self that are grounding and moving forward to understand the new aspects of Self that have come through, that your unsure of, that you don’t know yet.

How can you embrace who you’re being?

Recalibration time is important.

Recalibration = linking the mental state with the physical. Balance of Self Actualisation in the present moment.   

Balance is necessary and how do you find balance?  

I find balance by listening to what I need, whether that’s space, music, dance, a moment of absolute rest where I’m not holding onto a rigid schedule or having to be doing things in a specific way to the T. Letting myself be free.

Freedom is our right.

How do you let yourself be free?

Inner peace is a choice and it’s yours to choose.

Never be afraid of who you are, be afraid of who you are trying to be for reasons that don’t come from you.

How will you be practicing Self Love today?

Choose happiness. I know it feels hard but isn’t it a practice.

If you’re an empath choose boundaries that protect you from others energy and reinforce these boundaries.

You Are Mighty!

You Are Powerful!

You Are Loved!

In the dark times choose to see the light, know that whatever you’re being presented with is a challenge for you to overcome – you can overcome anything!

What you can imagine, you can have. How are you cultivating your internal garden?

We Rise!

Feel Good, give yourself permission to be happy! You are under no obligation at anytime to feel misery because it is being fed to you and what you will learn is that sitting in misery is harmful.

Choose Self Elevation over Self Harm.

Send your loved ones a love so strong they feel it without your presence.

Be mindful of the way feelings are being shared around you. Be conscious if you are asking, without asking, others to carry your feelings for you.

Choose joy, choose Self Belief, choose love and be accepting of the fact that everyone cannot and will not walk your path with you or beside you or in support of you and in knowing this build yourself up so strong that you know you are a powerful force to be reckoned with.

I’m sending love to everyone.

On this beautiful day what are you transmitting?

Sending light and love, ALWAYS x

“To Love Thyself Would Be An Awfully Big Adventure.” LD Lore

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