20 Mantra 20

Whenever I Open A Door I Am Welcoming Opportunity,

When I Walk, I Walk With Passion;

When I Give, I Give With Love;

When I Act, I Act Consciously;

When I Embrace Life, I Move Forward Without Fear;

When I Walk In Light, I Am Accepting Of The Shadow That Walks Behind Me In The Dark.

When I Operate From Kindness, I Can Be Sure I Am Operating From The Heart.

When I Speak With Honesty, I Offer The Listener A Truthful Blessing.

When I Over Come My Hurdles, I Encourage New Energy, I Stand Up To That Which Would Rather I Sit Down;

When I Speak Out, My Voice May Tremble But My Voice Will Be Loud And You At The Back Will Hear It And You At The Front Will Say:

“There Goes A Powerful Woman, A Woman Despite The Struggles Life Throws At Her, Will Always Stand Up And Take Hold Of Her Rightful Place.

Sending light and love, ALWAYS x https://anchor.fm/ldlore/episodes/20-Mantra-20-ec17ub

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