Self Preservation, Self Growth, Self Progression – Utilise This Time

Heal yourself, go ahead and heal yourself.

Be kind to yourself, go ahead be kind to yourself.

Love yourself.

I dare you.

Love Yourself!

Ignite your inner flame stand tall with your head held high,

Love Yourself!

Self Preservation

Always have a reserve for Self it serves no purpose dosing everyone else, catering to others needs and leaving yourself on empty

Self Growth

Allowing yourself to blossom, giving yourself breathing space to elevate, to free your mind, to embrace your soul. Allow yourself to breath, after removing the internal decay you feel light and free, like there’s room to grow again. Be mindful of how you fuel your body! Have you considered aspects of a plant based diet? What you consume fuels the mind?

Self Progression

Allowing yourself to move forward even when you are unable to fully process your progression, you’ll just arise one day, open your eyes one day and everything around you will be different because you’ve progressed.

Utilise This Time

Although what appears a dreadful time, (March 2020 London, England and across the world CORONAVIRUS) a very special and sacred time is upon us.

Many waters tested, many changes required, mother earth wishes it so.

Allow yourself to slow down, be present in your now, no matter the circumstances and allow whatever arises for you to gracefully flow.

I send love to all struggling.

I send love with all our prayers.

Be powerful and safe in your movements.

Act with intention, act with sound mind and reflect.

Take this time as slow down time. Teaching us we do not have to move to the fast paced structured decaying web around us.

Go within to find A peaceful place, you never knew, you never knew.

Sending light and love, Always x

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