How beautiful the journey of realisation and release?

There is nothing more painful than not being able to address yourself. To offer yourself honest, authentic reflection especially if you’ve suffered trauma. The mind likes to hide trauma as a coping mechanism, therefore making it feel excruciatingly painful to address the past.

Push through it.

Yes, it is painful, depression is crippling especially when you don’t feel capable of explaining what you are going through. I want to take this moment to applaud you for getting to exactly where you are, for persevering even when it’s been very hard, you’ve grown, you are growing – NEVER GIVE UP!

Never be afraid to go it alone, you are stronger than you can ever imagine and remember being alone doesn’t mean you’re alone.

Solitude is sacred.

In learning to release what we hold on to we are learning to de-mask ourselves, to drop the facade, to reignite our fascination with the Self.

Internal Self Exploration is a must.

How can you practice Self  Exploration today?

In the midst of hell hold onto the notion, that you will come out greater than you have ever known but first  the hard part, you must go through it. When hurdles arise we jump them, maybe not immediately but as soon as we do the Self Work necessary to leap, over we go.

Life is test after test.

Lesson after lesson.

We have a personal duty to ensure we avoid Self Suffering, a mindset that sparks a downward internal spiral. If only you knew your greatness, you truly can overcome anything, this body can endure as can the mind but it is your personal duty to monitor the upkeep of your mind, upkeep of the mental balance and harmony, that is your duty – to protect  your mind.  

Remember no matter how painful the memory releasing it will set you free.

Releasing is not forgetting, it’s just removing the emotional attachment linked to the recollection.

What can you release today?

Are there aspects of your past you cling to?

What’s preventing you from releasing that narrative?

Remember, as hard as it maybe to let go, what’s for you will always be for you, so holding on only prevents your growth and delays the progression of Self Actualisation.

Can you release all you hold onto, all that causes anxiety and discover who you are without the baggage?

Can you be open to a lighter you? A version of Self that doesn’t walk around holding on to burden, to stress, to upset, to stigma, to pessimism.

Release all that no longer serves you and move forward.

Our hearts are gentle and it’s a cold society that turns our hearts mean. Free yourself from your internal misery, there’s a wonderous world out here if we take the time to heal our wounds.

Can you love yourself a little harder than yesterday?

What can you release yourself from for a brighter day today?

Learn to see release as a means of creating space within you for Self Elevation.


I release fear

I release anger

I release all that does not serve me

I release anxiety

I release control

Sending light and love, ALWAYS x

Artist: Goga

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