Self Love

Self Love is security, a blanket, a safety net.

Self Love keeps you out of harms way,

Self Love takes your scars and gently rubs them away.

Self Love takes your heart high off the ground.

 Self Love means you can teach your daughters and sons to be mighty.

Self Love is hard to begin with but an ongoing journey.

This world can be mean, social change is necessary.

Look out for the good hearts who will do anything that’s necessary to uplift authentically – follow them!

Self Love is Radical.

Don’t be afraid to do the work necessary to level up, you are deserving!

Box lines are to be erased.

You did not come here to play.

Take back your reign.

Bear witness to yourself sabotage.

Self Love Is a divine gift.

Self Love is emancipation.

Self Love is Liberation.

Self Love is warming.

Self Love is both gentle and harsh. Harsh are the revelations, that come with any Self Disassociation but your worth the journey,

The climb won’t be easy but the outcome will be magnificent.

Self Love is strength.

Be a rebel with a cause.

Self Love means standing up for yourself.

Trusting in who you truly are.

Self Love asks you to crawl out of the darkness and into the amazingness of your light.

Free yourself.

Free others.

Practice diligent Self Kindness.

Know that in moments of unease or uncertainty this too shall pass,

And always continue to rise in your greatness.

And when its hard push through it and when you disconnect know that you can get through everything and anything presented to you.

You are amazing!

Self Love is giving you the permission to run towards your dreams, to rid yourself of all that does not serve you and in your elevation be humble enough to help others.

Crab inna barel mentality is wicked. Leave it. Don’t carry it.  

Self Love is a practice – I Pray You keep practicing!

Sending light and love, ALWAYS x

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