Of recent, I am constantly being reminded of the importance of time and so I write because we must all be more conscious of time, not to cause us anxiety but to bask in the understanding that if we are not disciplined, we are wasting time.

If we are not working tirelessly on our dreams and our passions, we are wasting time.

If you are not surrounding yourself with the right people, aligning yourself with the right things and pushing yourself to grow then I beg you to question yourself in terms of how you use your time?

You have a purpose and although you may not know it yet, it will come to you when you invest the time to grow yourself, to heal yourself and to love yourself.

Can you love yourself?

Do you love yourself?

How are you practicing Self Care?

If only I had known the true importance of time sooner yet now I know I must be wise with my time as could we all be.

Refrain from walking through life aimlessly, refrain from wasting your weekends idly; utilise time. Keep good company and understand, not everyone can grow with you due to their own willingness of not wanting to grow.

Free yourself from the burden, of not offering yourself forgiveness and acknowledge the value in all that you do.

The time is now to push towards creating something better for yourself and to release yourself from anything that doesn’t serve you.

The time is now to start Self Reflecting and learning who you are in this moment, why you do what you do and if you’re putting your best Self forward.

Time is so precious and once you truly understand this – you will do your utmost to no longer waste what you are fortunate to have.

You can do so much more than you know you are capable of and only when you learn how to push yourself correctly, with Self Love and Self Compassion, will you apply yourself.

Take the time to nurture who you are becoming and allow that which no longer holds space in your heart to peacefully slip away. There’s beauty in the art of surrendering – not giving up but in this moment just accepting where you are and having faith that with the right balance of effort and patience, you will move forward in the right direction.

When you let go, you let flow.

Take time to recognise the importance of time and remember the greatest gift we can give anyone is our time, that stands true for ourselves also.

Quality time is a gift. 

Cherish the time you have and always take time for yourself, time to reflect, time to respond instead of reacting immediately and of course, make time for practicing Self Love.

Sending light and love, ALWAYS x

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