I created #protecttheelderlyproject due to the abuse and neglect my Grandma has endured in the UK care home system, originally starting with T R A N S P A R E N C Y.


I have created a new petition outlining what is currently happening in regards to this situation and would love to see a law passed to protect people from having their pensions robbed by the government.

If you haven’t done so already please google search: Lasting Power Of Attorney.

This is an important legal document that will enable you to protect your loved ones finances and health and wellbeing. Without this people’s pensions are taken from them.

For updates and information please follow:

Instagram/Facebook: @protecttheelderlyproject

Read the petition in full below and here’s the link if you wish to: http://chng.it/B896QqG9

#protecttheelderlyproject is a campaign created to outline the mistreatment of the elderly within Care Homes in the UK and to highlight the manner in which local authorities and care home managers think it is acceptable to treat residents family members.

This petition is a request for information as going down the specified routes have led to me being continuously ignored as well as a request to implement a new law in order to ensure the government never steal another elderly person’s pension ever again. 

I would like to understand why any professional body would think this conduct acceptable and I am using this petition to raise awareness.

I am asking the public to speak up for those who are voiceless. To speak up for the elderly within the UK Care System.

If you have a voice please refrain from being another bystander to injustice. 

The elderly, especially those with dementia, are unable to protect themselves, it is wrong of this country to use the elderly as a means of profit and it is wrong of local authorities to withhold information pertaining to contributions they make to care home fees, if any.

Families should not be forced to place their loved one’s in homes nor should local authorities take pride in robbing the elderly of their pensions.

Care home resources are inadequate so where does all the money go? 

Please join me in asking for the following:

Acknowledgement that care home administration is outdated and of an atrociously poor standard
Acknowledgement of the Freedom Of Information request I submitted: My original emails requesting information go over a 40 day period and having reissued a Freedom of Information request to the City Of London dated 13/1/2020, can an explanation be provided as to why this has still not been addressed even though their websites states they are legally required to respond within 20 days.
FYI https://www.cityoflondon.gov.uk/about-the-city/access-to-information/Pages/freedom-of-information.aspx 

Response time We are required to respond within 20 working days from the first working day after receiving your request

Acknowledgement that this conduct from any business is unacceptable

Recognition that the current standard of care for the elderly is inadequate and that the elderly deserve greater care

Acknowledgement that according to the CQC website there are 323 services, which includes Care Homes, that require improvement and 78 establishments listed as inadequate therefore deeming the elderly and others unsafe and putting individuals live’s at risk. 

An explanation as to why over a two year period, under the care of HC-ONE no medical review for my Grandma was carried out and an explanation as to why this wasn’t picked up on or queried by the City of London, had they of done their yearly review of my Grandma’s placement. 

Acknowledgement that the elderly matter with a clear outline of what action is going to be taken to ensure no more human beings suffer needlessly

An explanation as to why HC-ONE did nothing regarding the growing cancer on my Grandma’s breast and even when made aware, that staff knew of the growth based off company documentation evidencing staff were aware, no action has been taken. Provide a comprehensive breakdown as to where the elderly’s pension money is going especially as the current home has advised the local authority will not provide adequate incontinent pads and therefore families are expected to provide them. Where does all the money go?

An explanation as to what procedure was followed or what local authority was notified regarding the fractured wrist my Grandma sustained under the care of HC-ONE as I have requested this information on numerous occasions and have repeatedly been ignore

An explanation as to why the City of London failed to note the inadequacies of HC-ONE in said reviews, if any reviews were carried out at all

Acknowledgement that communication between homes and families is abysmal and care home companies must address their systems as a matter of urgency. On Monday 17th February 2020 I attended an appointment to which there was no sign of my Grandma. The appointment was at 11am, I received two missed calls from the home at 10:05am, No voicemail was left and on returning the call no one from the home answered. According to the care home  transport is arranged to collect individuals two hours before an appointment.  Through liaising with hospital staff, I was advised the appointment was rescheduled that morning due to my Grandma’s chair being broken. The break on this wheelchair has been broken for weeks and had transport been booked and arrived two hours before the appointment surely the home would have known earlier than 10:05am, that the ambulance wouldn’t accept my Grandma which means further delay to having a lump on her throat checked out. I am requesting action be taken to devise better methods of communication

Transparency regarding the City of London’s contribution to care home fee’s which again I have requested on numerous occasions, to be continuously ignored

An explanation as to why the City of London see it fit to continue to enable and empower a man, who I reported to them, for financially abusing my Grandma in 2015 and an investigation into the current social worker who sees it fit to intentionally not include me in important meetings for my Grandma and has also ignored my request for a copy of the minutes of the latest review meeting 

An explanation as to why the City of London have actively chosen to break the law by liaising with anyone not listed on a financial Lasting Power of Attorney

A formal investigation and apology from all involved and acknowledgement of misconduct, medical negligence and of the abuse and neglect my Grandma has been subjected to

A formal investigation as to why the City of London refused to assist me in 2015 when I went to them to ask for a two bed property to prevent my Grandma being put into a care home and to protect her from further financial abuse as no formal documentation has every been provided with adequate reasoning
Provide confirmation that this investigation in 2015 was accurately documented with an explanation as to why two social workers saw it fit to interview my Grandma without a responsible adult present
An explanation as to why the City of London see it fit to threaten me with legal action and have done so on numerous occasions, as though they are unaware that they have operated on behalf of a business whose service has been beyond inadequate, who have allowed my Grandma and many other elderly people to suffer, and continue to do so, as you continue to demonstrate poor service. The service provided is appalling. What action will be taken to rectify care home businesses and local authorities wrongdoings? The local authority have had over £30,000 from my Grandma and those who do not have a lasting Power of Attorney have their pensions taken off of them all together – where does this money go as the residents definitely do not benefit nor are they treated properly.

Plant based options must be available throughout UK care homes 

An explanation as to why the City of London deem it acceptable to completely ignore a Freedom Of Information request submitted even when I have adhered to the “correct” procedures.
I am requesting an investigation into the procedures and conduct of the City of London Adult Social Services 

As a promise to protect the elderly I am requesting the following:A law be brought in that every human being once they reach 45 years of age are required to complete a Lasting Power Of Attorney and the government should see this fit, as those who call themselves leaders, are protectors of the people. Under this law, every individual will have allocated care of their wellbeing and finances to someone they trust and to be reviewed on a yearly basis, as things change and therefore, to ensure human beings are given fair choice from the age 45 onward they must have a yearly review of their lasting power of attorney. Under this law the government must ensure they never again steal a human beings pension from them and never use ones ignorance as a go ahead to do such a thing. It is an absolute shame in this day and age elderly people are being robbed by unjust societal systems. I request this law be discussed immediately and adequate information RE: LPA’s be distributed to all residents of the UK to ensure they have entrusted someone as detailed above. No government body moving forward will have the right to rob anyone of their hard earned pension and all local authorities must be transparent regarding their contributions by providing detailed breakdowns with any invoices sent on a monthly basis to include how the local authority calculate said contribution.

Finally, it must be acknowledged that everyone has a right to look after their loved one at home, if they want to and home care should be the first option

I have continuously requested answers and I have continuously been ignored. It is unacceptable that local authorities conduct themselves in this way and it is unacceptable that the elderly are made to suffer especially given that they are being robbed of their pensions and the level of care provided is anything but good. 

Please help me to prevent such occurrences from continuing to happen in future.

The elderly need our voice.

No one deserves to be left in pain or suffering especially those who are unable to speak for themselves.

All necessary family members should be included in decision making especially when inconsiderate and newly placed Social Workers have little to no background knowledge of who they are dealing with.

Social Workers must make a greater effort to ascertain relevant information before thinking it is acceptable to shut family members out and demonstrate much better conduct.

People’s lives are not something to be played with and it is wrong of a stranger to think they know best in anyway, shape or form and isn’t it proper practice to abstain from judgement?

Help me protect the elderly by using our voices to create change and raise awareness for those who have been robbed and left for dead at the hands of companies and local authorities who see individuals as a means of profit.

I am greatful if all you do is read the petition but going beyond that sharing and signing would really help the cause.

The time for change is now. Time to protect the elderly with just laws and adequate information sharing, immediately.

If you’re reading this I thank you!

Sending light and love, ALWAYS x

Petition Link: http://chng.it/B896QqG9

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