To See Or Not To Be Seen…

How come our own hearts can be so mean,

To our own selves we can’t be seen,

And yet,

The world around us keeps on ticking.

The mind cares not for time and by design we must feel fine,

For shame if the world were to ever see her cry,

To hear the true pain that is carried inside,

And so,

Is it safer to push through alone and hide?

Self Love is both bitter and beautiful,

And when in doubt,

Know you are not alone in all you go through,

Its just the society constructed around us is not mindful.

I’ve grown to understand the closest people to you will hurt you,

Not with intention to,

But they too,

Walk this life and have lessons to learn,

And the harsh reality is we will get burned,

And you have to be fine with it,

Because every lesson comes with a blessing, if you tame the minds negative energy,

Understand propriety is not meant for we,

You Must Not Succumb To The Box,

For it is only you whose greatness you can unlock.

Rid yourself of fear, there’s no love here

Just the clasp of otherness that dejects your somebodiness.

Set Yourself free.

You are mighty,

But you don’t see it.

And relying on the world around you is sadly a form of mistreatment

Relying on the lost and ignorant to guide you is unwise,

As there is much ill intent,

But you can turn within you

As there is a space that’s heaven sent.

It’s ok to be at a disconnect,

Self Love is hard work but it’s meant to heal you,

If you could just have faith you can push beyond the barriers used to conceal you.

Rise In Power.

Attain Your goals.

Being vulnerable is a gateway,

An opening to your soul.

There’s no need to be careful stepping into the unknown,

You just need to learn to let go and let flow.


“To Love Thyself Would Be An Awfully Big Adventure.” LD Lore

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