My Voice

I am not an object to be lusted over.

I am not to be judged based on my exterior,

Nor am I to be considered a thing,

A disposable accessory,

A worthless voice.

You will hear my war cry,

You will see me in all my might.

I am a mighty being,

So mighty,

I will cause you a fright.

How dare you think less of me based on what you see,

How dare you link my character to the size bra I’m wearing,

If you dare to notice my character at all,

I am not to be disrespected,

although I have let myself down before,

Hypersexualisation should not be a societal norm.

Pornhub should be banned,

It’s a playground where vile fantasies are born.

Sexual addiction is a mental illness and young boys are not to be blamed,

When older men decide to paint the canvas and show them that fear in a womxn’s eyes,

Is something to be framed.

I am not a being who is voiceless,

I am not a being who’s tongue will be shushed,

We are doing humanity a disservice,

True Self Love is being heavily overlooked and I won’t stand for it.

You don’t have to understand,

But I beg of you look around you and see,

We are harming the young people and children,

We are harming them,

Can’t you see.

This is not the type of equality Malcolm X asked for,

Encaged out the chains but encaged the mind isn’t free,

And so,

I ask you don’t look at me like I’m edible or call me Babe or think I should serve your needs.

The world and the mind,

Requires change now,

The newly enslaved mind,

Must be free.

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