Give Yourself Permission To Grow

In every moment, of every day, of every second, you have the opportunity to choose who you are actively being. Conscious choice is available to all of us.

Do not waste your time wandering through this amazing thing called life, in a bubble of repetition.

Free Yourself.

Free Your Mind.

Understand that doing the best you can is an average state of mind, if you understood how powerful you truly are, every moment of action would be above and beyond the ordinary because that’s what you equate to.

Above and beyond the ordinary – magnificence is within us, if we release our own constraints.

Free yourself from mental slavery. None but ourselves can free our minds #bobmarley

We must focus on delivery and execution. The effort you put in is the effort you get back, not immediately but with time, as everything great truly does take time, you will consistently nurture your growth but you must be committed.

How are you practicing Self Encouragement?

Are you great at cheering others on but forget to root for yourself?

Understand this, you must get up every day stand in the mirror and assert:

“I did not come here to play. This is my life and I will make it the greatest, come rain or shine because I am deserving and as I strive to prosper, I enable those around me to realise their greatness also.”





I did not come her to play. No matter what I come up against I know I can prevail and after years of struggling to find inner peace, I understand that inner peace is one of the constants I can ascertain when I choose to, as long as I keep my mind right, as long as I make conscious choices and practice Self Awareness.

I am not a puppet on a string. I do not create a healthy life for myself by being a by stander, by living in ignorance, by ignoring the wrong and unjust practices that have been moulded around me and I, like you, have a voice.

So, I ask you, how will you be heard?

Do you wish to continue to hear yourself whining; living in a cycle of blame and complaints or do you want to rise up, hold your head high and come at life with your all?

Get out of your own way and give yourself permission to grow.

Each action serves as validation so if your actions and your words don’t add up – nor will you.

Walk through life in authenticity with Self Integrity and let it be known that you took your life by the reigns, you took charge and moving forward work on Self Validation, Self Acceptance and Self Emancipation. Address your misdemeanours, address yourself no matter how hard because I assure you on the other side is hope, on the other side of hardship is Self Growth.

The only person in the world who needs to understand you completely is you, your tribe will come along but if you can’t harness your greatness for Self, by Self, then who are you kidding.

Change is available to everybody as long as you start paying attention to the choices you choose to make and acknowledge your ego driven arrogance. Start reading about the ego and understand the trap.

Understand that growing can be effective immediately however the longevity of growth is determined by how you apply yourself.

How are you going to apply yourself?

Once you know better, you must do better and if you are choosing not to do better, then you don’t know better and more Self Work is required to enable you to become who you are destined to be.

Please don’t be just another passer-by. We all have gifts to give to the world, what’s yours?

Ignorance is not bliss and inaction is still a form of action.

What conscious choices will you choose?

Sending light and love, ALWAYS x

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