Our Story Is Now. 

Brave Are Those Who Oppose Injustice,

Who Speak Out For And On Be Half Of Those Who Cannot Be Heard.

Fear Not The Forces Against Us, 

Fear Your Reluctance To Fight Back, 

The Need To Follow The Herd.

Jump Up For We Are Arising,

No More Wool Will Be Pulled Over Our Eyes.

Racism Is Still Alive.

Mistreatment Will Not Be Tolerated,

The Land Refuses To Be Drained To Death,

Your Harmful Ignorance Has No Place Here,

Our Ancestors Are Vex, 

For They Did Not Battle Enslavement For Us To Be Blinded By The Dark,

Those Who Seek Victory Are Now Shining Lights On Our Masked Hearts.

Revolution Is Upon Us, 

You Choose Which Way To Go.

Are You On The Right Side Of Humanity?

Trust Your Gut, 

In Your Heart You’ll Know,

Don’t Be Another Bystander, 

A Sheep To The Master You Flock.

Ourstory Is Our Power, 

No Man Shall Again Ever Mock. 

Teach The Children Wisely So They Too Can Pass On Our Tale. 

The Black Community Is Rising, 

Stand Tall, We Shall Prevail.

LD Lore #ldlorepoetry

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