The Damage Of Holding On…

Grow through Self Love.

I have had the opportunity to realise how unhealthy it is to hold on to anything with great force.

Life is about flow, relinquishing the need to control everything.

It’s damaging to have expectations of others and detrimental to not only your growth but the growth of those around you.

If it’s forced, stay clear.

Do what you need to, to release yourself from ties that are a hindrance to your character, walk fearlessly through mental emancipation; allow what needs to finish to finish smoothly; with love, empathy and compassion; well wishes and surrender to your steps forward, to your progression. Welcome it. Become so acquaint with change, you begin to feel it’s purpose, you begin to move with the current of life and not against it.

Thoughts can be negative instruments that often enable us to fantasise and over idolise what we would like an outcome to be yet instead, if acknowledged without immediate reaction, our thoughts could be used as indicators of possibilities and if we can trust in the powers that be, you begin to understand what is for you is far greater than you can imagine.

For your sanity, for your peace, let things go.

Letting go, lets flow and lets grow.

Get out of your own way by releasing the anxiously tight grip you have on life and life will reward you with abundance. Refrain from walking in fear and give yourself the opportunity to walk with a mighty inner peace.

Holding on prevents you from stepping into your magnificence, from reaching higher heights. Don’t be scared to reach beyond the stars.

Know the mind is magnificent therefore so are you.

Don’t allow the damage of retention to prevent you from actualising your greatness.

Sending light and love, ALWAYS x

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