Presence. Here, Now & Here.

When your souls tired, be kind to yourself.

Even though you know you have to keep pressing on because with all of your heart you know you are on the right path, it’s OK to take the time and slow down!

Slow down. Not stop.

In slowing down you allow yourself to recharge and recalibrate.

How often do you offer yourself Self Praise?

Can you allow yourself to be happy?

Right here, right now in this present moment, can you reflect on your greatness?

Don’t you just want to be at peace, carry an attitude of gratitude and offer yourself, Self Love?

Why is it so hard to reside in the now?

Does now have to be perfect? – Of course not.

But you have to be present, in order to curate a life, your life, that no one else can see. Pushing for a vision beyond your wildest dreams without living in the future or the past.

It’s time to release old fears and run with open arms into what you know is manifesting.

Let go of fear but above all feel the fear and leap anyway.

What’s the worst that can happen?

And can you recognise, if you have suffered trauma and if your reading this, the importance of acknowledging you have survived and you are surviving, maybe even thriving; life is a marathon, a battle of Self to progress; a journey through Self Understanding to evolve.

Y O U  H A V E  S U R V I V E D!

Embrace who you are; who you’re becoming; how you’re growing; the unknown aspects that come to light.

Understand painful truths are positive opportunities for reflection and recognition because you are being asked to broaden your perspective, to unlock a closed mind and start being curious and inquisitive.

You are your own gamechanger!

You are the key to your locked vault!

Work on stepping out of your own way, work harder on being kinder to yourself.

Stay true to your inquests.

Believe in yourself more than you have ever done. Recognise and avoid intentional setbacks caused by Self Sabotaging.

How can you love yourself more now?

What is going to be your most valuable action?

Be so dedicated and so consistent that you shock yourself by the level of attainment that pursues.

Start now. Start immediately. Start somewhere.

You do not get to give up.  

You do not get to, not show up for yourself.

You are loved!

You are mighty!

You are powerful!

You are greatness!

Bear witness to your narrative and learn to catch yourself quickly when you wander off.

No distractions.

You can achieve anything with Self Dedication, being meticulously organised, offering Self Compassion and of course nurturing Self Love.

Wake up to your own barriers, push through shut doors and never be afraid of being heard.

Be afraid of being OK with being a bystander.

Be afraid of not cherishing who you are.

Be afraid of not releasing your authentic Self.

Be afraid of mediocre.

Be afraid of ignoring the truth but never be afraid of owning who you are. There’s only one of you and your life wasn’t given for the fun of it. Find your purpose. Know your Self and share your gifts with the world.

Authenticity is a magnificent accomplishment. You owe yourself that.


Remember: ‘As we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.’ (Coach Carter)

What are you waiting for?

My cage door is unlocked, I’m spreading my wings.

What about you?

Sending light and love, ALWAYS x

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