Get Out OF Your Own Way… You Are Your Biggest Obstacle.

Get Out OF Your Own Way… You Are Your Biggest Obstacle.

Understand that in every day, in each moment you are preparing yourself for something, you may have an idea of where you’re heading or you may not but take heed every moment is an opportunity of choice and you are either choosing to grow yourself or cause harm to yourself.

Catch your internal narrative. The Ego has had such a long time to grow and therefore you must acknowledge that retuning your thoughts take effort – catch your negative trail and put it on pause. When you catch yourself trapped in negative internal chatter question yourself.

Are your thoughts correct?

Are your thoughts triggering and feeding emotions?

Do your thoughts resonate with who you are trying to be?

Pause often to take a breath; to slow down; to be present.

Right now, where you are, ask yourself the following:

Do you need anything?

Take note that I use the word need and not want.

In this moment do you need anything or can you acknowledge everything is already available to you?

Internally are you at peace and if not, why not?

Are you allowing the mind to conjure stories?

Are you running with interpretations?

What is it you are feeling?

I can’t express to you enough the importance of fuelling your body in the right way and it’s important to understand that everything you put in your body impacts your mind.

Everything you put in your body impacts your mind.

Self Love is so full of different areas that require practice. Relearning how to fuel yourself is one of them, feeding your body on a cellular level is important.

Getting out of your own way is a massive lifestyle challenge, it means starting to see your ways that do not serve you positively and bearing witness to the fact that sometimes we do know better but we choose not to do better. Making the right choice for long term gain is only difficult because we have become so used to immediate gratification.

What do you know about being in harmony with your body?

When was the last time you took the time to sit with yourself and hear yourself; hear your internal chatter, acknowledge what you tend to focus on and notice whether it’s positive or negative and does the thought of doing this consistently feel like a lot of work?

It is.

And I say this with joy because if you can understand the level of work you have to do on bettering yourself, on mastering who you are, on showering the world with your gift, with your authenticity, that’s a great start. First we need awareness.

We are given hurdles for a reason.

Hurdles: Challenges that arise during our journey to a destination. Tests that make us question do I really want what I’ve asked for and how far am I truly willing to go to get said outcome?

Am I proving to myself that I am worth this achievement and I believe in myself or am I actively letting myself down? Am I actively giving up?

You truly are your biggest obstacle. Your actions, the thoughts you allow to control you, the Self Love and Self Kindness you offer yourself, the space you give yourself to grow are key elements that you have to struggle with. These are a few aspects that need to grow with you so imagine the harm you are causing to yourself by overlooking what you feel, by ignoring your intuition and not giving yourself the required time, you need to develop.

Self Work is a necessity.

Self Love is a necessity.

Ownership of Self is a necessity.

No one is coming to save you but you can save yourself. You can pull yourself out of your darkest depths and fine tune your mind but you must give yourself time, to work through you and reflect.

Looking at ourselves honestly is one of the hardest obstacles we as human beings have to do and only in doing so can we blossom. Only in delving into the depths of Self that we fear can we emancipate ourselves.

Relieving yourself of the past is freedom. Owning the truth about who you are or who you’ve been is freedom. You give yourself permission to start a fresh. Understand that being liked is not a necessity but being your authentic Self is.

Surrender to now. Not by giving up at every hurdle but by taking the time to see your life as it is, right now in this moment and acknowledging how you feel about this.

Change is available to everyone but change requires real work. Don’t allow the fear of this kind of work to prevent you from being magnificent.

You are Loved!

You are mighty!

You are powerful!

Become so Self Aware that in any moment you can offer yourself love and in your down time your can recognise it for what it is and not beat yourself up. This too shall pass.

Being cruel is a sickness and the only way you can move past this mindset is to bear witness to your ugliness, bear witness to the sick mind, that offers nothing but negativity on auto pilot, all of the time.

You deserve better.

A better narrative, a better perspective, a greater outcome and you hold the keys to opportunity, you just have to learn to get out of your own way.

Refrain from avoiding life. You can over come anything. Commit to working on Self.

Sending light and love, ALWAYS x

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