Self Sabotage

Self Sabotage is ugly and discreet, in your face but hidden from consciousness, until named or acknowledged.

Habits of Self Sabotage run deep. 

Self Sabotage keeps you in a box, making different aspects that you value and pursue seem like conflicts.

You are by no means confined to one thing.

Self Sabotage  is Self Harm and in calling things what they are, we offer ourselves an openness to truth, a window to view ourselves and the positive action to address negative behaviour patterns. 

Never be afraid to call yourself out or call your behaviour exactly what it is. 

Self Sabotage comes in the form of laziness, over indulging, over compensating, deprivation, dishonesty and disconnect with Self.

As I sit here crying, great tears rolling down my face, I’m forced to acknowledge that sometimes even the best of us, don’t get to win the race.

Self Sabotage comes easy to the soul that struggles to mend, you can’t outrun Self Sabotage, when Self Sabotage seems like an ally, a friend. 

Self Sabotage is a comfort, uncomfortable yet comforting, Self Sabotage screams there’s no place like home, no place like misery, being King.

Self Sabotage is no ally and sure as hell ain’t no friend, it takes you down a winding road, not wishing you well, not hoping you mend.

Pay attention to when and how you Sabotage, try hard not to avoid all you feel. You see if you stay down the rabbit hole long enough, Self Sabotage will make you ill.

In All Your Struggles, Keep Going!

Sending light and love, ALWAYS x

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