And even when you’ve had a massive break through and trumped everything you’ve ever known, outgrown ways you never thought you could outgrow, you learn Self Love still requires continuous practice.

Self Love is a continuous practice!

Understanding this is important as is practicing patience. Immediate gratification is a lie and one of the greatest lessons you can learn is not to give up.

It’s important to notice when you fall off your Self Love practice and equally just as important to reflect on the why. What aren’t you facing? What are you shying away from?

How do you ground yourself when your Self Love practice goes out the window? Are you able to notice when it does?

Do you notice a difference in yourself when you are practicing Self Love and when you aren’t?

Repeat after me:

You are strong.

You are mighty.

You are power.

Be sure to give yourself down time and listen in to how you truly feel. Life is fast paced and its always important to check in with yourself no matter what is going on around you.

Self Love is about balance and how you incorporate that balance when you are up and life is high and when you are low and life seems uncertain.

Muster the power to keep going and remember that if you seem to be in a continuous cycle of similarities, it’s time to ask yourself what lessons are you not learning?

Please practice Self Kindness especially in the down times! Know how far you’ve come and there is no going back.

The past is the past and you cannot reside there but if you take the leap and bravely focus on the present moment with the deepest, heartfelt gratitude, you will be showing yourself how strong you are and noting that no matter the hardships you can and will prevail!

Never give up!

New levels require you to step up. Raise your standards and don’t let a soul plant a seed of doubt in your mind.

It’s time to grow beyond your wildest dreams and understand what’s for you is far greater than you ever imagined you just have to show up!

Show up, be present and keep going, bearing in mind that what you are creating now in this moment, are the steppingstones to the future you want to manifest.

You will achieve all you can fathom and more but you must step up to the mark.

Self Love requires continuous practice. You must recognise when you feel like loving yourself beyond what you know how to is a priority because you’re worth it.

Self Love is the best love and only your love can heal your scars.

To more growth; more prosperity; more Self Understanding; more Self Awareness; less judgement of Self and others – even when its hard. Step into your power.

Ownership of Self is important. Trusting yourself is important and let nothing stop you from doing so.

Greatness is available to all, just be open to receiving. Be open to taking conscious actions and be brave enough to stand alone when others don’t understand or see your vision. As long as you see it, as long as you believe in it – you can do anything. And know the outcome may not be how you imagined but it will either equate to your request or provide you with a great lesson.

Different levels of Self Love require different levels of Self Care.

Use Self Awareness as a means of monitoring this and crank up the Self Love dial – never settle.

Offer yourself Self Forgiveness instead of Self Loathing and continue to watch your life change.

New heights are available but you must step up to the mark and get out of your own way.

Can you do that?

Will you do that?

Self Love is your greatest asset. Take time for solitude. Take time for fun. Protect your heart, mind and energy.

You matter.

Self Love is the best love.

Self Love 1st.

Sending light and love, ALWAYS x


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