Checking In, Tuning Out, Learning To Surrender & Letting Go

Repeat After Me:

Self Love Is The Best Love.

Self Love Is The Best Love.

Self Love Is The Best Love.

Checking In

The hard part, especially if you aren’t used to doing this or aren’t entirely sure of what this is.

Checking In with Self is about being conscious of the thinking mind, bringing awareness to your thoughts; to your reactiveness; to your automatic negative thought patterns as well as paying attention to when and how you internally Self Praise.

This may seem like a lot of work and the truth is, in the beginning it is. In the beginning you are constantly having to remind yourself to pay attention, to reflect on your minds chatter and your approach to your internal dialog but may I remind you:

You’re Worth It!

Anything You Practice You Get Better At.

Personal narrative changing demands a new level of commitment to Self Work. Self Understanding requires Self Compassion and a must, above all is Self Kindness. Learn to navigate away from what you have always done; from the negative ways you have always treated yourself and ease up on using an authoritative inner tone when dealing with yourself. Not knowing doesn’t mean you’re lost, it means you are being given a moment, an opportunity for Self Discovery.

Refrain from beating yourself up and be so present that you embrace the time your being given now. You’re being presented with lessons.

Get out of your own way by learning to be at one with the moment, release your tight grip of the ‘how’ of your life and allow life to flow. Put aside your need to control.

There are many ways to check in but as a start, you can check in by being mindful of what you say and how you say something. Develop Self Hearing meaning make a conscious effort to hear yourself when in the midst of dialog and notice if you speak harshly or politely of yourself.

Are you beating yourself up with your own words and unaware that you’re doing so or are you aware you’re being harsh and actively continuing to do so?

R E F L E C T.

How does this tone and manner of Self Talk make you feel?

Checking In: Listening to yourself through conscious thought and hearing yourself. Paying attention to what you feel, in any given moment.


Tuning Out

When’s the last time you turned off all, Yes all, your electrical devices in particular your phone?

When was the last time you unplugged from the curated world around you and paid proper attention to yourself?

Do you regularly offer yourself solitude?

Tuning out means creating a space for Self Exploration.

Do you enjoy music, reading, writing, singing, drawing, gardening, swimming?

Whatever you enjoy, how are you incorporating this in your life?

Tuning out is important as you are offering yourself the opportunity to Self Reflect, you are dedicating time solely to yourself which serves as a reminder of your importance whilst giving yourself an opportunity to listen to your internal dialog.

For 5 minutes, can you sit with yourself now, wherever you are and can you listen to your internal chatter.

How do you feel?

Is your mind quiet or loud?

Does this space feel peaceful or do you wish to runaway from yourself?

Pay attention.

These moments offer us insight as to what we are willing to face and what we are choosing to ignore and understand that only in being patient with ourselves, in bringing Self Awareness to the table, can we decide if we want to face our ugliness and change or opt for the easy route (which isn’t easy by the way and entails great internal suffering) by actively choosing to hide our true purpose, to ignore our call to rise up, to run from authenticity.

In this moment, if these minutes don’t bring you peace or an offering of welcomed Self Reflection, I ask, what is it you are running away from?

Tuning out means releasing the imposed narrative of who you are and exploring who you are for yourself.

Tuning out is an offering of Self Love to Self.  

Self Love Is The Best Love.

Self Love Is The Best Love.

Self Love Is The Best Love.

Tuning out is Self Care.

Do you offer yourself Self Care?

Give yourself permission to care about yourself.




Reflection can be difficult, painful and scary but as always know that your authentic Self is worth it!


The big one.

When you say surrender what does this mean to you?

What do you envision?

See, the first time I focused on this word in terms of addressing Self, I didn’t like it, surrender screamed giving up, losing hope and all these other negative connotations that presented as unhelpful but I slowly learnt to value the art of surrendering.

To surrender, in terms of Self, is to relinquish our need to control everything.

To surrender is to sit in this very moment with whatever is being presented to you and allow it to flow, no excess worrying, no call to action, no reactive responding or doing. Saying to the universe I trust myself and my journey and like always things will go in the direction they are supposed to. The answer will come when it needs to and I acknowledge that in my worrying, in my angst and in my need to control I create more chaos.

Surrendering is asking/praying for guidance and knowing you will receive what you need, when the time is right, when you have learnt your lessons and appropriately addressed your hurdles.

Your inability to surrender, prevents you from experiencing the present in totality. You are missing all you have to be greatful for and never forget, without being greatful for what you have you will not be able to acquire or correctly call forth, more.

That which you desire is out of reach because you neglect to surrender the time and the patience required to execute the Self Work needed to truly enable Self Elevation.

Can you take a moment, calm the mind and surrender?

Take a deep breath.

Inhale 1…2…3…4…5…6…7…8

Exhale 1…2…3…4…5…6…7…8

Affirm: I Am Willing To Surrender

Letting Go

Ah the beauty of letting go.

Letting go truly is an art. A masterpiece that’s asks you to release yourself from being your own prisoner.

As humans we cause ourselves great harm by clasping on to things that need to be released. Letting go doesn’t equate to forever gone, it just means you are willing and able to release something/someone for the greater good of yourself, trusting that what is truly for you can only come at the right time, giving yourself permission to grow. Often we work so hard at getting in our own way, by imposing dictated societal needs on ourselves, forgetting that individuality holds great precedence, neglecting to acknowledge and accept there is no adequate timeline for any of our lives, in terms of achievement and aspirational gain, and if you could learn to let go of what doesn’t serve you, you understand you are creating space for what’s for you; giving yourself permission to explore who you are and ridding yourself of societal ideals like what you should have, comparing and measuring yourself to others and forcing yourself into a box that throughout history has proven to be at capacity.

If you let go, you let yourself grow.

If you let go, you let yourself grow.

Self Love Is The Foundation.

How are you laying your bricks?

How are you loving yourself?

Sending light and love, ALWAYS x

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