“I wanna ask you a question and that is: What Is Your Life’s blueprint?

This is the most important and crucial period of your lives, for what you do now and what you decide now, at this age may well determine which way your life shall go. Whenever a building is constructed you usually have a architect who draws a blueprint and that blueprint serves as the pattern as the guide as the modal for those who are to build the building and a building is  not well erected without a good sound and solid blueprint. Now, each of you is in the process of building the structure of your lives and the question is whether you have a proper, solid and a sound blueprint and I wanna suggest some of the things that should be in your lives’ blueprint

Number 1 in your life’s blueprint should be a deep belief in your own dignity, your own worth and your own somebody-ness.

Don’t allow anybody to make you feel that you are nobody, always feel that you count, always feel that you have worth, and always feel that your life has ultimate significance. Now, that means you should not be ashamed of your colour, you know it’s very unfortunate that in so many instances our society has placed a stigma  on the negros colour, you know there are some negros who are  ashamed of themselves. Don’t be ashamed of your colour. Don’t be ashamed of your biological features, somehow you must be able to say, in your own lives and really believe it, I am Black But beautiful and believe it in your heart.”

What Is Your Blueprint?

This is a snippet of one of many powerful speeches by Martin Luther King Jr. I have embedded the full clip above. To follow are the three points Martin Luther king Jr states are some of the things that should be in your lives’ blueprint.

Number 1                                                                                                                                                                 A deep belief in your own dignity, your own worth, your own somebody-ness, the principle of somebody-ness.

Number 2                                                                                                                                                    Determination to achieve excellence

Number 3                                                                                                                                                                   A commitment to the eternal principles of beauty, love and justice

I ask again what is your blueprint?

You can learn to love yourself at any age;

you can learn to release yourself from pain at any stage;

you can face you’ve hidden inside;

you can one day look at your true authentic Self with pride, you just have to start.

Start here, start now, start where you are. Take the time out to unbandage your scars. Give yourself permission to heal.

Reflecting on the words of Martin Luther King Jr, I feel its important to acknowledge what choices you make today have an impact on tomorrow and the week ahead and the month ahead and in every moment with every choice made, you are curating your tomorrow, you are writing your destiny, your life isn’t bad because you’re bad, your life is the way it is now, this present day, this very moment, positive or negative, because of the choices you choose to make; the thoughts you allow yourself to think ; the thoughts you replay on a loop, on repeat.

A lie told long enough will never be the truth but it will build a fortress of negative karma around you and a web so heavily spun you will do anything to avoid facing the truth.

You cannot learn to love yourself whilst you persistently choose to hide, there’s a path of greatness available to you if only you could stop being shy.

To the eye that can see bravado isn’t attractive. There is much healing to be done and bravado will ensure you attract less than what you deserve remember the key is authenticity which may feel uncomfortable at first but unleashing the real you, all the quirks and fascinating aspects of who you are that you shy away from, are your greatest attributes. If you are not truly happy just know there is a child inside that’s still hurt and running away from healing doesn’t make it better, only worse.

And so, I ask you, can you muster the courage to start developing a belief in your own dignity, your own worth, your own somebody-ness?

What do these things look like for you?

See we don’t have to create grand scale gestures and to build on Self, doesn’t mean we need to put on a show. Simply show up for yourself, building on one small positive step at a time works wonders.

Give yourself permission to grow.

Remember, all the setbacks are lesson, opportunities for development. Work on not being scared of the unknown.  

Can you surrender to your now?

What does greatness for you, look like to you, based off a narrative you set for yourself?

Self Love truly is the best love but we must learn how to understand what Self Love looks like on a personal level; taking the time to be kinder to yourself, to slowly move away from destructive habits and towards positive ones. To do the work and begin to recognise what we’re being asked to change whilst reflecting on what we continue to ignore.

Self Love is a battle.

An uphill struggle against all that life has taught you so far but the other side of the battle is a deep Self Peace, a deep Self Acceptance, greater Self Understanding, a deep Self Respect and an amazing opportunity to relearn your mind.

Slow down.

With the world seeming to be constantly rushing around us, just take a minute to breath and slow down. Take a deep breath. Inhale 1 2 3 4 5… Exhale 1 2 3 4 5. Feel that, Presence!

You are far more capable than you believe and use this moment as a check point. Write down what you believe and what you want to achieve – do they align?

Check your negative thoughts and acknowledge your positive ones.

How do either make you feel and what’s better to hold onto?

Can you commit to achieving excellence in what ever way excellence looks and feels to you?

Old ways do not create new paths and however fitting and comfortable they feel, in any moment, can we remember to ask ourselves: does this better me or encourage a delay in my progression?

Be gentle with your relapses’ and reaffirm:

You CAN choose better;

You CAN choose wisely;

You CAN grow;

You CAN feel love in your heart and peace in your soul.

Being your most authentic Self teaches others that they too can shed their hardened skin, they too can be greatful to unlearn and relearn that Self Reverence creates a safe space, a safe personal home.

It is just to create a safe space for yourself;

It is just to step out into the unknown. You won’t fit all the old boxes but you’ll create so much internal space to grow. And once you love yourself honestly you will forever be mindful of how you tread. For one who truly loves themselves will be more forgiving of all their regrets.

“If you can’t be the sun, be a star. For it isn’t by size that you win or you fail, be the best of whatever you are.” Martin Luther King Jr – What is your life’s blueprint?

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