When you feel like quitting what you’ve started, remember your why.

When the world feels as though its on your shoulders remember that’s a lie.

Remember all the hardships you’ve conquered before and although in the moment it may not feel like it but know, that actually, you’re being asked to show up to prevail; to fight for what’s yours.

When you can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel, know in your heart its there you just have lessons you have to grow through.

You are not alone in your pursuit however remember alone is not a weakness, it’s a strength.

Alone creates a space where you can find yourself.

Alone creates a space where you can nurture yourself.

Alone proves you hold great strength inside of yourself.

And in the moment when you want to cry out, you’ve had enough, take a minute, cry out and recuperate. Give yourself permission at any time, always, to feel what you feel and be present, actively taking each day as it comes and embrace stepping into your power especially if you’re unsure of the power your stepping into – be brave.

It takes a great deal of Self Dedication to create change and what may feel excruciatingly difficult now, will be crucial steppingstones that will enable you to leap towards your authentic Self but you must start somewhere and today.

‘The Time Is Now’ is prevalent! As tomorrow is promised to nobody and forever is too long a time to wait.

Live life today, differently than yesterday.

Today doesn’t need to be an absolute repeat of yesterday or yesteryear’s if you’ve been stuck on a recurring loop.

Learn to free your mind;

Learn Self Forgiveness;

Learn Self Love.

Time to move forward in honesty, face yourself – all the parts you fear and seek your truth. Step into one of the greatest versions of yourself, changeable and knowing you are always growing if you allow yourself to, likewise, you can always remain the same if you allow yourself to.

Just know always is a very long time. Appreciate time, for time is not to be wasted.

Understand that in growing your authenticity, you knock down others’ stone walls. You remind others that they too can outgrow outdated societal norms. They too, can free themselves.

Shine a light into the often too dark tunnel of the mind, release yourself from recycled and relived negative notions.

Be present.

That was then. You are here now in the present. Step into who you need to be, to create the life you envision.

Love Yourself. Love Yourself. Love Yourself. Love Yourself. Love Yourself. Love Yourself.

And if you can’t quite yet love yourself, can you at least try to be kind?              One nice word a day about yourself will start to re-tune your mind.

Applaud yourself for your tenacity. Know that this time is your time and now’s the time to step out of the shadow of your light and embrace your magnitude.

Sending light and love, ALWAYS x

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