Conscious Living

Moving forward can you choose to live in a way that empowers you to truly be the greatest version of Self.

Can you be vigilant of the choices you make and reflect when you choose out of habit, opposed to making choices that align with who you are?

Conscious living means addressing your internal ugliness, facing that which you have buried and paying attention to what regularly continues to resurface in the mind. Being brave and willing to offer yourself solitude. Having courage to step outside of your comfort zone and generating a vast Self Belief.

Conscious living means acknowledging reality for what it is yet having a profound sense of understanding that society as we know it, as it is constructed around us today, was once just a thought, therefore no matter the harshness of reality which pushes many to lean on food, substances, sex and other highly detrimental coping mechanisms, we have the power to create  great change. When things are imposed on us that are of a negative nature, we can make a stand and cry out, for that which will have a greater positive social impact and enable us to grow as individuals.

Consciously living requires change, real change, which I have noted through personal experience, comes about and is lasting when you make the conscious effort to remove yourself from all you have known and allow yourself to step out whole heartedly into the unknown; rerouting your life; taking hold of your reigns and broadening your mind. Taking an internal stand, stating this is who I choose to be moving forward and although there may be occasions when you bend you do not fold, for upholding your vow to Self is the most powerful and life changing offer, we can gift ourselves.

Self Love is an eclectic power when practiced and incorporated into your life, not just sometimes but always.

Are you practicing?

Conscious living requires taking a look at the current climate around you and acknowledging it for what it is.

For example: are you conscious of what you eat?

I started my plant based journey in 2016 and it was tough but worth every struggle I faced, worth reaching a level of Self Discipline I only ever fathomed and I am grateful for the opportunities that present themselves to me as temptations; hurdles I jump or fail to jump, are always opportunities to learn but what’s tougher to grasp is our ignorance to the slaughtering of animals, once upon a time we valued and cherished animals sacredness and many neglect to acknowledge how harmful eating a dead carcass, fuelled with harmful toxins, is to the human body along with the negative impact this type of agriculture is having on the earth. Read: African Holistic Health by Llaila O. Afrika

Can you be consciously aware of this and continue as you are?

Do you understand you can be aware of something or informed of something but still lack the required level of awareness and willingness to choose to change?

This is just one example of choosing to live consciously.

If we truly love ourselves, can we continuously choose to harm ourselves?

Conscious living means not being afraid to go it alone and give yourself time to unlearn and relearn what your truest values are and reacquaint yourself with who you are destined to be.

Some see conscious living as too serious but given our current climate is now not the time to be serious, at least about ourselves and if not for ourselves, then for the children. You see if we continue to live as though we have forever, as if we are never going to die, as if tomorrow is promised, I fear we will continue, as we have done, to recycle outdated, broken systems, put money before Beings and become even further removed from the sacredness of humanity. One thing we can be sure of, the power of our mind is magnificent but the power and willingness for us to regress and repeat has always been evident and I believe only through conscious choice and consistent persistence can we change this.  

Our world is Sacred.

Self Love is Sacred.

We once lived on this Earth with respect for all things, animals; Beings; the Earth; the elderly. We revered life and the cycle of life.

Now man revers fear and thoughtlessly acts without remorse for others.

This can change.

How can you blossom?

How can you transform from the Caterpillar to the Butterfly, if you continue to hold on to outdated and potentially harmful stories from the past?

How can you live consciously if you won’t let that which has gone go?

Do we not owe ourselves a great love of Self?

Learning to practice Self Love for me has been an opportunity to remember that there is a great sacredness to humanity and it is every single one of our duties to restore harmony and peace to a world that has lacked these qualities for so long. 

If we start on an individual level raising ones own Self Awareness, practicing Self Love, choosing to awaken despite the treacherousness of reality, which is not all doom and gloom, we can begin to ignite and continue to ignite the collective consciousness. We can sound the alarm of hope and use love to drive out negativity.

But we must start one by one from within.

Helplessness is a choice.

Hopelessness is a choice.

Happiness is a choice.

Greatfulness is a choice.

How can you turn your life around for the greater good?

How can you develop conscious living in your life?

How can you embody your most authentic Self?

Are you practicing Self Love? I will be posting this years Self Love Workshop dates shortly, stay tuned and please feel free to sign up to email notifications so you never miss a post.

Can you use this time to reflect?

Are you consciously living?

Sending light and love, ALWAYS x

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