1st January 2020

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Here’s to moving forward in your greatness, moving forward in love, with love, conjuring the greatest Self Love you possibly can.

Here’s to new beginnings, to endings, to lessons, to hurdles, to transformation, to growth, to greater understanding, to knowledge, to Self Development, to Self Acceptance, to Self Elevation.

I wish greatness for all!

Here’s to change, to more Self Acceptance,to a greater willingness to surrender, to more opportunities, to greater communication, to better commitments, to Self Discipline, to Self Improvement and to Freedom of Speech – Speak your truth loudly!

I wish you peace and experience, that both teach you and push you to grow beyond what you can fathom.

I wish you joy and contentment.

I wish you learn to nurture a deep level of gratitude and that you have the courage to show those you cherish, just how much you cherish them without using material means.

I wish you take the time to develop your Self Love practice and your character. Be kind and patient when addressing your flaws.

I wish you give yourself the time to grow through what you go through.

I wish you offer yourself and others compassion and that you take the time to learn new ways of dealing with old lessons.

I wish you greater Self Awareness.

I wish you find your purpose and show the world your gift.

Release anything that no longer serves you and learn to forgive yourself for past mistakes. You’re being offered a new canvas what magic can you create.

Be brave, be bold and be fearless in your pursuit of peace.

You are deserving!

Every door opened is a new opportunity. Don’t shy away from your greatness.


You are the creator of your life. Take chances. Be kind. Be greatful.

Spread hope and spread love.

No more hiding, bring your most authentic Self to the table.

More life and more blessings.

Sending light and love, ALWAYS x

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