S E L F P R A I S E. S E L F A P P R E C I A T I O N.

What have you been working towards that you have achieved? Or maybe there’s no end goal in mind but you are working towards something?

How are you praising yourself? How do you celebrate your wins and lessons?

Often, we run from destination to destination, without celebrating our progress, without truly acknowledging the time and effort and discipline we mustered to ensure our growth.

It’s imperative you acknowledge this.

How often do you practice Self Appreciation?

Do you know embracing yourself with authentic appreciation helps fuel your Self Love tank? In filling yourself up in positive, thoughtful and kind ways your ability to share with others is greater. In strengthening your love of Self, your praise of Self, your appreciation of Self, you become an absolute asset to the world, an asset to life but above all and most importantly – an asset to yourself. You grow authentically.

In moments of uncertainty, can we focus on what we can do taking the weight off what we feel we can’t; accepting this as a means of appreciation. The learnt habit is to be upset with yourself for your inaction but by focusing on what we can do first, you will slowly learn you have created space for the removal of any blockages and that leaving negativity out of the equation creates more room and awareness for appreciation and leads you to the right action.

Can you be kinder to yourself in your day to day living? Can you love yourself how you deserve to be loved?

Now in this moment what can you praise yourself for?

Do it.

Praise yourself.

When you reach the end of today can you reflect back and state:

I appreciate… listing all the great things you can appreciate about yourself from today – especially the things you don’t consider great.

Bear witness to how this makes you feel.

You are deserving of a great love, your own love.

Take a minute to really consider how you can praise and appreciate yourself for all you are in this moment and be accepting of that, give yourself space to release the weight you carry on your shoulders.

Inhale Self Praise, Exhale Self Appreciation.

Sending light and love, ALWAYS x

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