Time To Take Back Your Power

Time To Take Back Your Power

Your Time Is Now!

Our Time Is Now!

Life Is Now!

Self Love is not full of rainbows and butterflies, its digging deep and honestly facing and addressing the ugliness in Self. Only then do we ascertain a level of peace, that may be deemed as living on clouds by those who do not know better.

Take back your power by understanding the depths and construct of the mind.

You Are Powerful.

If you understand your thoughts become things, it is wise to also know that not every thought is worth what it takes to grow. Every thought doesn’t deserve vast amounts of energy.

Be careful with your thoughts.

Your thoughts are powerful seeds.

Be careful with them.

Encourage a positive and kind internal narrative.

As we move into 2020 what can you reflect on?

What would you like to work on?

What’s been gnawing away at you for years, that you’ve wanted to address but haven’t?

What steps can you take in the right direction?

How can you nurture Self Love?

How can you nurture greater Self Independence?

What can you do within your community?

This is important: can you learn to fill yourself up without taking from others?

Can you develop a greater understanding of Self Care and put your findings to practice?

Self Love is a practice;

Practice needs to be repeated;

Repetition ingrains your practice into being.

Can you be mindful of how you hold yourself back?

Can you be mindful of when you lack Self Belief?

Can you be mindful of your automatic actions and your automatic thoughts?

Are they serving you?

Protect yourself.

Protect your energy.

Protect your internal narrative.

With or without intention, inception, other’s seeds, ideas and direction, can be planted, therefore it’s imperative that you build your mental garden to an exceptionally strong standard, actively paying attention, rejecting seeds you haven’t willingly granted a space.

Taking Your Power Back means knowing you’re entitled to your opinion too. That you have a voice and you do matter.

Taking Your Power Back is having empathy for others and compassion for others but also having the strength to withdraw when necessary to guard your mind and your heart.

Taking Your Power Back means making a conscious effort to both acknowledge and understand your intention for every interaction and for every choice you make, giving you the opportunity to slow down and reflect on your why?

Why am I making this choice?

Why am I choosing this action?

Why do I treat myself this way?

Why do I have this thought?

Asking yourself why, is a step towards taking your power back.

In what ways do you give your power away and why?

At the end of today, I’m setting you a task: Write down one positive ‘I am’ sentence about yourself, not aesthetic based but about who you are.

Can you retain this positive affirmation about yourself for one whole week?

Before you go to bed repeat your Self Loving affirmation. See if more Self positive thoughts arise.

Self Love starts with small repetitive steps.

Taking Your Power Back starts with small repetitive steps.

Taking Your Power Back is a rebellious act, get comfortable with stepping outside the box. Get comfortable with honouring your Self Love practice.

Take Your Power Back by stepping away from a mentality of helplessness and start paying attention to what actions you can take to improve your life, to improve your internal narrative and to improve your environment.

Take Your Power Back by actively working on Self, enables you to share your gifts with others which in turn enables others to evolve.

Understand that Self Love is a necessary foundation for world change and Taking Your Power Back requires you to step away from fear, release your need to control everything and practice a Self Care so beautiful, not only is it seen and felt but unknowingly you encourage everyone around you to rise up.

Anthony Joshua demonstrated the importance of Taking Back One’s Power yesterday (7/12/19 AJ vs Ruiz Jr 2) and what he demonstrated is that Taking Back Your Power doesn’t need to be boastful or loud, nor conniving or petty, it’s humbling. The art of being humble is graceful. Anthony Joshua is a humble Champion – a great Champion, nonetheless. A powerhouse, who used physical skill and skill of the mind to Take Back His Power.

Be conscious of your excuses, of your reasoning, of your if’s and but’s; be conscious of how you give your power away by accepting the notion that you are walking this precious thing called life, without choice. Know that forfeiting your power is forfeiting your Self Respect.

When you are next presented with an option, I ask you to slowly make a decision, slowly decipher, whether the choice you make is good for you or bad for you. Step outside of an ‘I can’t be bothered’ mentality as this is too a choice and is a means of relinquishing your power.


Self Love is the greatest love;

Self Love builds on your extensions of love;

Self Love is a powerful force for change.

Today I leave you with this, a quote from the great Martin Luther King Jr:

“Now we got to get this thing right. What is needed is a realisation that power without love is reckless and abusive and that love without power is sentimental and anemic. Power at its best, power at its best is love implementing the demands of justice and justice at its best is love correcting everything that stands against love.” Martin Luther King Jr – Where do we go from here? Speech delivered at the annual Convention of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference August 16th 1967. Book P172 The Radical King

Take Back Your Power.

Sending light and love, ALWAYS x

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