Be humble, in acknowledging you will not fit into old boxes and this will trigger many.

Be aware of false expectations placed on you and other’s requirements of who you are or should be and continuously choose to be only who you truly are in each moment.

Seek greater understanding of that which you do not truly know.

Be weary of those who are quick to criticise others for the actions that they too commit but they look at their action as less damaging, enabling them to reside in their own ignorance.

Show great gratitude for each lesson, for every opportunity, for growth.

Pray for strength and guidance whilst you actively choose to unlearn and relearn.

Forgive others for they know not what they do. Forgive yourself for you too, do not always know what you do. Move forward making choices and remind yourself, you are responsible for the choices you make and the consequences they create.

Love yourself. Send love to both the light and dark aspects of who you are. Allow the warmth of Self Nurturing to flow to all parts of Self, even those aspects deemed ugly. Self Love is balancing the light and the dark – not only lingering in positivity but noting when you are actively neglecting to address the negative traits that also cry out for care.

Stand your ground when closed minds, operate from closed hearts and speak without unjust reason.

Relinquish the need to debate with those who cannot debate soberly, waste not your time for the alcoholic mind will always find the unnecessary the most pivotal, when ego has a hold the present is ignored, the present becomes invisible.

Be kind to yourself on your journey in all tasks, both new and old. Offer yourself patience.

Acknowledge your hurdles, always be as best prepared for life as possible and choose to relinquish the need for absolute control.

Every obstacle is an opportunity.

Every opportunity to complain is an opportunity to reflect.

Every encounter a lesson to be learned.

Every word spoken, speak with intention.

Get comfortable with the uncomfortable. Get comfortable with knowing other’s expectations of you are exactly that – their expectations. You are in no way obliged to meet them and this will make other’s uncomfortable. Learn to be OK with this.

How can you both appreciate and love yourself more than you did yesterday and cultivate the determination to raise your bar higher for tomorrow?

Self Belief must be sky high.

How can you work on this?

Find time for yourself every day, offer yourself gratitude and in each trying moment take a deep breath.

Know your worth.

Be humble.

Say your piece.

Stand proud.

Honour your authentic Self.

Eradicate fear and run for your dreams no matter the discouragement you face.

Exercise your greatness.

Practice Self Reflection.

Be humble.

Watch your narrative.

Be greatful.

Be A M A Z I N G.

Sending light and love, ALWAYS x

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