Can you see the beauty in everything around you?

Can you say thank you when you wake up?

Do you love life?

Always believe something amazing is about to happen!

If you’re putting in the work keep going.

Give yourself permission to be magnificent, to live a fantastic life, a life that looks fantastic to you and you alone.

How can you bring more discipline to your life?

The more you condition yourself to think positively, the greater the positive impact on your life.

Do what makes you fantastic, do not live small, do not live a mediocre life.

If you have a dream chase it! Rise & Grind.

Nobody Can Stop You.

Many will fight change – don’t be one of the many.

Self Belief must be sky high!

Be open to change, be open to the flow of your life. Life does not have to be static.

Make beneficial choices.

L O V E Y O U R S E L F!

Decide, Commit, Act, Succeed, Repeat.

Make a decision, commit to that decision, continuously act on that commitment, acknowledge the success of your action. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat!

Practice makes permanence.

Rid yourself of the fear of judgement and face what you fear.

Cry through it, Crawl through it, work through it. Don’t be scared of your lessons.

What are you G R E A T F U L for today?

Often we see the obstacles that are presented to us as exactly that, obstacles, however I implore you to look at obstacles as opportunities. Everything you see as a negative occurrence can just as easily be acknowledged as an opportunity. You are being presented with an opportunity to change something, you’re being offered a choice that will help you move in the right direction. Often, what we look at as obstacles are masked opportunities – remember this the next time you are facing a challenge.

Always remember you have a choice. Pay attention to how you choose to see things?

Repeat after me:

I am GREATFUL for the opportunities that present themselves as obstacles.

I am GREATFUL for life’s challenges.

I am GREATFUL for change.

I welcome change.

Work hard on not getting so caught up in your mind. Pay attention to the opportunities around you.

Refrain from drowning in misery. Step outside of your misery and address what you avoid.

Self Avoidance is the doorway to misery.

What can you be GREATFUL for today?

Your life, for one. You are alive, no matter your current circumstance, act like it.

Can you be greatful and can you love yourself?

Hurdles are reminders. Reminders of what you want to achieve and reminders that you aren’t there yet but you are putting in the work and you are on your way.

Are you serving your highest purpose?

The things you do in your daily life matter.

How are you building yourself up?

What are you not acknowledging in your reality?

How can you love yourself?

Believe in what you can do, your potential is limitless.

Can you get out of your own way?

Relinquish your conditions, let go of past experiences, free yourself from the confinement and personal imprisonment of the Static Self.

S T A T I C S E L F: The idea that you have to perpetuate the same characteristics or behave in a way you always have because of the notion that you are only capable of acting in one specific way, identifying with being good or bad and clinging to the ‘that’s just the way I am’ rationale. Identifying heavily with ‘I’ in connection to the ego. Operating from a limited perspective of Self.

Your Self Belief must be sky high and remember: Comparison is the death of Self.

I am G R E A T F U L for reflection.

Right now, know you are powerful! Right now, send yourself love! Right now, be GREATFUL!

When you have a negative thought always counteract such a thought with an antidote. Ask yourself for every negative thought you have, what is the positive antidote?

Preparation is Key.

Look for the reason in everything and when you don’t understand or can’t find the reason, know there is one, trust there is one whether you gain clear insight immediately or not.

Can you be greatful for the opportunity to work on yourself? In every moment, in every day, in every choice you are being given an opportunity to work on yourself.

Look for the opportunities.

I am GREATFUL for strength, for love of self and love of others.

I am GREATFUL for growth, for personal development, for the opportunity to do what’s right.

Be GREATFUL for your life, no matter the circumstances and hold in mind in any moment: This to shall pass.

Speak life into yourself. Speak life into others. Change your narrative. Know your greatness. Loving yourself in turn allows you to love others. Life is not your enemy.

When you experience something be thankful for what you are being shown – it’s your choice what you do with your new knowledge.

When you aren’t treated correctly be aware of what you are being shown – be mindful of how you deal with the situation.

Feed potential. Do not starve it. You see another’s potential – fan their flame! Can you see your potential? Fan your flame!

When you don’t understand where you are – you don’t get to give up. When you don’t have the answer – you don’t get to give up.

The power of Self Belief holds greater power than any opinion.

Never give up, always be GREATFUL. See the opportunity in everything. Serve love, banish misery and rise to your challenges.

Put Self Love First. Watch the domino effect transpire.

Sending light and love, ALWAYS x

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