Be Mindful Of How You Give Your Power Away.


Today take back your power. Use Self Awareness to monitor the thoughts within your mind.

Self Regulation is a great tool once you learn how to use it.

Name one of your habits you are aware of that you don’t like, that no longer serves you and is preventing your growth.

Make a promise to yourself to bear witness whenever you carry out this habit and no matter what point or how late you recognise your action, acknowledge it and in that moment stop doing it – IMMEDIATELY.

Keep practicing this every time you catch yourself repeating this habit.

Once practiced enough you will be in control of this habit, you can free yourself from this action but you must pay attention.

For example: if you lie or tend to bend the facts, notice yourself in action, recognise this and ask yourself:

What purpose am I serving?

What is my reason for doing this?

Acknowledge your answer and make a choice. Choose to do what’s right and what will serve you good karma or continue your tale serving you negative karma.

Make responsible choices. Conscious choices. Choices that propel your growth and do not delay your growth, in the long run.

Remember in every moment you have a choice. Every moment. You are not helpless; you just have to pay attention to your choices. 

Immediate gratification is an ego boost with no long-term benefit, notice you are in the trap of needing something else as soon as you immediately gain what you desired.

Are you communicating your needs?

Are you speaking up for yourself?

Are you being listened to?

Do you communicate what you feel? Be it with friends, family, or in the workplace, the quickest way to give away your power is by not communicating what you feel. You don’t like what someone’s doing – tell them, you aren’t happy with something say so also vocalise what you’re happy with, this is especially important.

We have a terrible habit of assuming people are aware of their behaviour and don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying people aren’t entirely but unfortunately people aren’t always aware of how their actions make others feel or how the language used isn’t always gentle or considerate of the pain or anguish words can cause.

The reality is, you can deliver something with impact and speak delicately, harsh wording and aggression feeds the ego,  demonstrating the individuals need to cling to external power and the need to control others as well as causing harm by diminishing peoples character, their view of Self and chipping away at another’s Self Esteem which is never necessary.

Speak your truth kindly and from the heart.

Always speak up for yourself.

Speak Up For Yourself.

Incorporate Self Care into your life on a daily basis. This could be journaling, reading – fiction/non-fiction, taking a long bath with all the trimmings – face mask, hair mask, candles, music and natural oils to nourish your skin after.

Define your daily Self Care practice – it’s important.

The sooner you start treating yourself well, the better you can start to feel about yourself.

Check The Food You Eat.

Check The ingredients Of What You Are Eating.

Pay Attention.

Check The Chemicals You Use On Your Skin.

Check the ingredients, if labelled.

Pay Attention.

Check What You Listen To.

Are You Listening To Things That Are Uplifting Or Are You Left Feeling Drained?

Pay Attention.

Check Your Conversations.

Are Your Conversations Based On Discussing And Cussing People And Complaining About Your Life Or Are They Full Of Positivity, discussing How You Can Improve Your Life? How You Are Improving Yourself And Others?

Pay Attention.

What can you do today to fill yourself up with love?

What can you do today to fill your cup up?

Address any behaviour that doesn’t serve you, today, and work through how this makes you feel.

Change Is Not Easy.

Change Is A Choice.

Self Betterment Is Not Just An Option, It’s a choice.

Choose to be your best Self, now, in this moment. Take Action now. Take Your Power Back.

Love Your Life.

Love Who You Are.

Unburden yourself of anything old, anything draining, anything not aligned with who you want to be  and who you are becoming.

2020 is upon us.

Let go of the old outdated versions of Self you carry and start living in a version of Self you actually like, not because of how others see you but how you see yourself.

If you’re working 7 days a week and you’re tired, remind yourself that right now, you’re building your empire, being tired now is worth achieving your dreams.

You’re worth all the late nights, long hours, early rises, standing your ground, actualizing your purpose.

Remember your why? Why is your goal important to you?

Always pay attention to your narrative. What language do you use when referring to yourself?

What language do you use internally?

Can your language be kinder, gentler, more considerate and compassionate towards yourself?

What one thing could you do today that would benefit you tomorrow?

What scares you?

Run towards your dreams now.

Today is a great day to make a start, in a year your life will be different.

Anything you can fathom you can have but you have to put the work in.

Start today. And day by day, choice by choice, change your life.

Do something today that you enjoyed doing as a child and do it full of love.

L O V E  Y O U R S E L F!

Flip your narrative! Release the negative narrative you recycle in your mind.


The future is now. All you have is today. What are you going to do with today?




Relinquish fear no matter the state of your life currently. Walk forward with a positive end goal.

Build Yourself Up.

One step at a time, positive choice by positive choice.

You have a purpose. Giving up is not an option.

Relearn how to love yourself.

Relearn happiness.

Self Love is a practice, there will always be room for practicing Self Love, there is always room to level up with love.

Start now.

Have a fabulous day because you’ve chosen to. Yes, you do get to choose that.

Choose you,

Choose love,

Choose growth,

Choose your greatness,

Choose kindness,

Choose compassion,

Choose yourself first

and understand your importance.

Loving yourself properly teaches others how to love you and also teaches others how to love themselves better.

Eradicate fear from your life. Go for what you want, without harming others, animals and the earth included and today start living a full life.

When something is wrong, speak on it. Bring it to light and when something is right, speak on it. Praise yourself, Praise others, Praise one another.

Spread love, share love but above all give love to yourself.

Time to erase the lines of your box, time to step out of the boxes provided by others. Time to love.

Your biggest obstacle is yourself. Today step out of your own way. Love yourself and watch the knock-on effect of loving yourself and others, witness one another’s growth.

Sending light and love, ALWAYS x

P.S. If you would like to start your Self Love journey or need support to keep up momentum drop me an email at for a free consultation. Can you commit to your Self Love practice?

Let’s not forget about the petition for My Grandma and for the elderly, lets ensure the elderly are cared for properly now and always. Read here:

L O V E ❤ Y O U R S E L F

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