Petition: Rigorous Review of HC-ONE Care Homes in the UK http://chng.it/G9RQJnFB

Is our purpose to walk blindly, to ignore the wrong doing around us?

I believe not.

When did we decide care beyond ourselves and those we deem our own is the only way – when did we lose sight of community? When did we give up the will to fight for whats right? Not to be right, not to grasp at external power, a sickness so embedded in us that our vision is blind.

Wherever you witness wrong doing PLEASE SPEAK UP.

Speaking Up doesn’t have to be aggressive. There doesn’t need to be any aggression in effective communication and if this triggers aggression, acknowledge that this is something you need to dedicate time to work on. See your anger as a window opening from all the times you’ve suppressed yourself.

In every moment there is an opportunity for Self Work. Understand that you define who you are in every moment and choosing to turn a blind eye to things because you think you’re hopeless does you more harm than good.

In standing down, in hiding away you rob yourself and this world of your purpose. You have reason, what knowledge are you refusing to see? To show? To give?

SPEAK UP because others do pay attention and as you let your own light shine, you unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. http://chng.it/G9RQJnFB

SPEAK UP to broaden everyone’s awareness. http://chng.it/G9RQJnFB

So many individuals walk around holding pain because we’ve been taught to just accept wrong doings and we’ve mastered the attitude of ‘there’s nothing I can do about it’ and this is wrong, much can be done but first it must be addressed, first you must use your voice to SPEAK UP. You cannot heal if you avoid , you can not reach the required level of Self Elevation to push towards achieving your dreams, if you live in fear.

Fear is a burden.

Fear prevents you from moving in the direction you need to, to actualise your purpose.

I started this petition for my Grandma because her experience in this care home, has been horrific and without a voice to speak up for herself, Grandma has been and continues to be a subject of mistreatment. I am acting as my Grandma’s voice and a voice for the residents of Chaseview Care Home Dagenham, where the quality of care is inadequate. It is the duty of local authorities to ensure adequate housing for vulnerable adults yet this home has been listed as ‘Requires improvement’ by the CQC, Care Quality Commission, since 2017. Care home providers and local authorities must check their establishments more thoroughly.

I fought to take responsibility of my Grandma and I was denied this opportunity which is wrong especially now witnessing the negligence and breaches of protocol my Grandma has had to deal with.

SPEAK UP because human beings should not be treated this way. http://chng.it/G9RQJnFB

I believe local authorities must work harder at keeping families together and work out better methods to enable families who want to do more, to do more. Better communication and more transparency is needed around these matters.

SPEAK UP for those suffering.http://chng.it/G9RQJnFB

SPEAK UP for a better world. http://chng.it/G9RQJnFB

SPEAK UP for a better way of life. http://chng.it/G9RQJnFB

SPEAK UP for a better way of living. http://chng.it/G9RQJnFB

SPEAK UP for communities. http://chng.it/G9RQJnFB

SPEAK UP for children. http://chng.it/G9RQJnFB

SPEAK UP for Black People. http://chng.it/G9RQJnFB

SPEAK UP for the less able. http://chng.it/G9RQJnFB

SPEAK UP for LGBQT+.http://chng.it/G9RQJnFB

SPEAK UP for yourself. http://chng.it/G9RQJnFB

SPEAK UP for all. http://chng.it/G9RQJnFB

Speaking up is empowerment! http://chng.it/G9RQJnFB

Speaking up is change! http://chng.it/G9RQJnFB

Speaking up is important! You Are Important! http://chng.it/G9RQJnFB

SPEAK UP so your voice is heard. http://chng.it/G9RQJnFB

SPEAK UP so we know your truth. http://chng.it/G9RQJnFB

SPEAK UP to let go of your pain. http://chng.it/G9RQJnFB

SPEAK UP for freedom. http://chng.it/G9RQJnFB

SPEAK UP for change! http://chng.it/G9RQJnFB

If we do what we have always done, we will get what we have always had.

SPEAK UP for development, to move away from systems that aid some but not all. http://chng.it/G9RQJnFB

SPEAK UP for the care home staff who do their jobs correctly and work hard but never see a reflection of this in their wages. http://chng.it/G9RQJnFB

How often do you think the trustees of HC-ONE visit the homes?

There are over 300 homes under this company that according to the CQC, Require improvement, which means over 300 homes are under performing and unable to provide adequate care for the residents. http://chng.it/G9RQJnFB

SPEAK UP for better priorities. http://chng.it/G9RQJnFB

SPEAK UP for greater transparency. http://chng.it/G9RQJnFB

SPEAK UP for change. http://chng.it/G9RQJnFB

Our Time Is Now.

SPEAK UP because your voice needs to be heard. http://chng.it/G9RQJnFB

SPEAK UP because the younger generations are listening and they deserve better. http://chng.it/G9RQJnFB

SPEAK UP because we all deserve better. http://chng.it/G9RQJnFB

Self Love is our foundation, let go of all you’ve trained yourself to be and start being you. Start Speaking Up for what matters.

SPEAK UP for you. http://chng.it/G9RQJnFB

You have one life, with this level of awareness.

Are you actively participating?

What are you going to do with it?

The world can be a better place and it starts with you. Be brave, face yourself, break free of the ugliness you hide behind. Individual in the mirror, make that change. Choose not to be a bystander.

I’m speaking up for I V Henaku.

Who will you speak up for?


Sending light and love, ALWAYS x

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