Dedication To Michaela Coel

Michaela Cole reminding us of the need for transparency.

I have wanted to write this dedication for a long time. One day I was strolling down the road in London and I wasn’t feeling particularly cheerful and then out of no where the one and only Michaela Coel is walking towards me like a ray of sunshine on a rainy day and I couldn’t help but stop her because when I first watched Michaela’s, James MacTaggart Lecture: – I was blown away by her honesty.

I recall at the time pondering on the fact that I was curious to find someone who was in the lime light but was still down to earth, who hadn’t got lost in the facade of showbiz and wasn’t selling young women lies. And so, fortunately, I stumbled on this lecture.

I’ve wanted to write my observations and share my appreciation so here goes:

I loved that Michaela created her own definition for Misfits. Just after 23 minutes in Michaela states: “Instead of nurturing them to write for themselves they are coupled with ‘experienced writers.’ This is the usual clear sign of conformity and whats powerful and scary is that in all ventures, the idea of Self Expression, true individual Self Expression is to be repressed, tamed. I believe the opportunity to flourish alone is somewhat frowned upon because if things aren’t done in a certain way then they are wrong or, on the topic of Misfits, do not fit in.

What is it we fear of those who tread their own path?

“Writers more experienced, who fit into this house more, is it important that voices used, get the experience of writing something without interference at least once?”

I ask what are we afraid of? It’s as though in every avenue in society, we work heavily on moulding people but why? There’s a ridiculous need for perfection yet we forget as Les Brown says: ‘You don’t have to be great to get started but you have to get started to be great.’ If in getting started you are already having to take on unnecessary criticism, how can you flourish? What if you are not yet strong in mind and full of Self Belief? You start to fit someone else’s mould, you start to become what someone else wants you to be.

To Michaela, I adore your brutal honesty, your vulnerability, your openness. “I wondered why if 95% of us didn’t fit something we would encourage others to aspire to it, to emulate it?” This is such an important question that I feel we must all ask ourselves. What are you aspiring to that has been put on you and isn’t a true aspiration of your own?

What is beautiful and what I can draw on from this lecture is how a lot of what is discussed can be applied to any part of our lives. If we aren’t creating chances how do we grow?

The power of saying no – no matter what’s dangled in front of you is extremely important. Do you grab at what’s dangled in front of you or are you aware that something is being dangled at a cost for you and as a gain for another? Why do we make life hard for those who are trying to prevail?

Again, this question often came to mind whilst listening: What are we afraid of?

Michaela, thank you for bringing to light the harsh realities of cold industries and demonstrating your courage and your bravery. You are amazing and I’m greatful for your voice. In a time when I was looking for inspiration, you reminded me of the power in vulnerability and how even after going through such traumatic events, strength prevails. Courage prevails. Speaking up prevails. You reminded me of the importance of transparency.

I liked this quote you used: ‘There are as many perspectives as there are people.’ Colin Wright

“We used to be so brave with ideas and imagination but at some point we seem to have become seduced by the ridiculous idea that one size fits all.” The sooner we allow ourselves to be who we are and create what we want, the sooner I believe we can break rigid moulds. Taking pride in your creativity is important. Ownership of your creativity is important. Trusting your own judgement is very important. Pay attention.

Profit before people is wrong.

Profit before people is wrong.

Profit before people is wrong.

Thank you for reminding me not only of the importance of my voice but the importance of all our voices. I am greatful for our brief encounter and for the reminder when listening to this lecture, of the importance of speaking up. This lecture reminds me that unfortunately in this life, even on occasions we feel we can’t go on or circumstances mean we probably shouldn’t, we can and not necessarily in this case but in others, we must.

To all who read this please take a moment to read the petition I created for my Grandma. I am my Grandma’s voice. In this petition I am speaking up:

I wanted to dedicate this piece to you to thank you for your bravery, for your words and for your truth. An important reminder to call for transparency in any filed. Please continue to share your creativity and know that your truth is heartbreaking yet inspiring and empowering. Stay amazing!

Sending light and love, ALWAYS x

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