The Importance Of Self Kindness

This evening I want to speak about the Importance of Self Kindness and stress the importance of being kind to ourselves in moments when we allow our mental state to become stressed. It’s important to monitor your internal narrative and be kind to yourself.

Free yourself from your own mental pressure and have the courage to know everything will work out exactly how it needs to. You deserve your own kindness, be gentle to your inner child. And remember your WHY?

Be kinder to yourself when you feel like giving up and REMEMBER you are important.

I’ve started to look at each day (wake up with a thank you, always express gratitude 🙂 ) as a chance to not only prepare but an opportunity to equip you for the greatness of tomorrow. If you can bring your best to the table and you continue to do so, you’re opening the doors for more greatness. Use Self Kindness to rise above any set backs and as a constant reminder to not only offer love to others but to offer the greatest and deepest love to yourself.

I hope you acted in many ways, towards yourself today with kindness. Use Self Kindness as a reminder of the love you deserve. Self Kindness means treating yourself with good intention, in every moment, with every action, through every choice. Before you lay your head to rest, offer yourself kindness in whatever way that looks or feels good to you.


Here’s the link to this weeks Sunday Service where I recite extracts from two Essays by Audre Lorde titled: Uses of the Erotic and Learning from the 1960’s – very powerful essays. Have a listen:

Use Self Kindness to elevate your soul and always be gentle with yourself on the difficult days.

Stand up for you.

Love you.


Sending you light and love, ALWAYS x

Always Remember..

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