Sunday Service

Self Love Has layers.

Self Love is deeper than surface appreciation.

Self Love means looking at all aspects of your foundation.    

It can be quite disheartening when in the first instance you attempt to discuss Self Love with others and they get defensive or act dismissively and usually throw in ‘I do love my self.’ I feel we neglect to acknowledge, you can see when someone loves themselves, you can feel it. It’s in our choices , our treatment towards self and others and our positive unconscious habits.

For example smoking counteracts Self Love. Cigarette is poison, therefore how can you truly love yourself if you actively poison your body, your temple.

A better way to look at this and acknowledge this act, is that, this is a negative coping mechanism. Excuses feed negative coping mechanisms. Acknowledge your behaviours and understand that Self Love isn’t judgemental, Self Love is nurturing oneself, positive nurturing.

Be kind to yourself, kind enough to notice when your internal narrative is harsh and aware enough that maybe your internal narrative is quiet but the feeling is loud, a feeling of anger towards Self or Self Loathing. Learn to be extremely gentle with yourself in these moments, allow Self Love to creep in because you need it. You are deserving of your own Love, your own kindness, your own gentleness.

Treat yourself Kindly.

Self Care is a magnificent act of Self Love. Just one act of kindness towards Self on a daily basis raises your bar, reminds you of your greatness and builds the foundations for a greater more deserving and rewarding outlook of Self.

Start acknowledging, that how you treat yourself is VERY important. How you treat yourself teaches others how to treat you whilst showing others to treat themselves better, also. You are a vessel of empowerment and sometimes we can’t see what’s in front of our eyes, gems there in disguise to enable us to grow.

Let Yourself Grow.

See below my breakdown of Self Regulation, noting the key areas to look at when practising Self Love.

We assume making space in our lives is an easy or quick job, we assume unpacking and unravelling the things we’ve held so tightly to keep us as ‘us’ will be simple to let go of yet how can this be the case when the majority of us aren’t able to notice our bindings, to outdated versions of Self.

I hope in unpacking you find joy as I have done this Sunday, I experienced joy and sadness’s weep, as I let go of things I always felt I needed to keep but the beauty I realise, is what unfolds as I release my chain from my sole and I allow myself a clean slate, I am free. What I’m learning in this life is never hold anything too tightly and never be afraid to let things go. In letting things go we give ourselves space to grow and allow others to do the same and as I’m sure you’ve heard the saying: “What’s for you will always be for you.”

Its important to acknowledge that whats for you doesn’t always mean right now and unfortunately it isn’t always the right time as you have hurdles to overcome. Know this, you have to want something enough for yourself before you can combine or connect with another, so as not to use them unintentionally to fill you up. The only person who can make you whole is you. The only love powerful enough to ensure you rise is yours. Family and friends are bonuses in this life but first you must love you, for you and become you, for you.

In doing so you are the best version of yourself for everyone! Most importantly you are the best version of yourself for YOU!

Sending you light and love, ALWAYS x

P.S. The Selfloveloveself365 Sunday Service Podcast has arrived and will be up shortly!! However if you’re anything like me, I, very much, enjoy reading so I’m generating today’s post on both WordPress and via Podcast. Spotify: Selfloveloveself365



  1. Absolutely inspireing u have come so far , cried a river hopefully this is me trying to heal . Look forward to reading more and becoming a better me
    Love always

    Liked by 1 person

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