Podcast Episode one: My Definition Of Self Love


The aim is not to be perfect so this piece isn’t perfect. In fact I feel it’s important to show the imperfect moments. 

It’s important to just be your most authentic self. 

I like the term imperfectly perfect because no one is perfect. ‘Perfect’ is exhausting. I created this in June of this year and I’m taking a leap and sharing. No more pretending just sharing imperfectly imperfectness. Beauty is imperfect. 

You can not push anyone to be ready but you can encourage others to take a positive leap, a leap into their own greatness.

EVERYONE deserves encouragement. EVERYONE deserves to know they can muster the courage to cultivate a deep love of self. Self Love is Important. Self Love is Freedom. Self Love is elevation of self. 

Sending light and love, ALWAYS X 

“To Love Thyself Would Be An Awfully Big Adventure.” LD Lore


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