Operating From A Space Of Love.

Operating From A Space Of Love.

Operating from a space of love means honouring oneself, paying attention to how you feel and what you feel, doing things for yourself, not for or to impress another.

Operating from a space of love means taking every action, every moment, every choice into consideration, acknowledging the impact you create for yourself and others.

Loving yourself is a necessity.

In teaching yourself how to love yourself, you teach others how to love themselves, unconsciously giving others permission to free themselves of the idea that Self Love is selfish.

Self Love is freedom.

Self Love is the foundation of your life.

Self Love equips you with skills that prevent Self Harm.

Self Love is where our hearts could naturally reside.

When you aren’t operating from a space of Love, you actively allow Self Doubt and ego to damage and restrict your purpose, allowing fear to cloud your mind which in turn supports thinking from a space of lack. Lacking in worth leads to conjuring thoughts that you are undeserving and not good enough which entails operating in a way that allows your ego to attack. Recognise your unkindness to Self, the Self Loathing you know you bear and the Self Loathing you try hard to ignore.

Love Yourself.

Muster the courage to persevere – YOU ARE WORTH IT! Know that you won’t always have someone/anyone cheering for you. Learn to cheer for yourself and develop a deep belief in Self. Be kinder to yourself and you must, must, must, must, must have patience. Patience and Self Belief will take you far. And when you find it hard to love yourself, when you struggle to see your light, reflect. Reflect on this time last year, that version of Self, reflect on how far you’ve come, how hard you have and continue to work on Self. And if you want to cry, please cry. Crying is Self Liberation, Crying is not weak, Crying is beautiful, vulnerable and necessary. Cry because this phase is unknown and unknown feels uncomfortable but growth is required AND you’re worth it!

Don’t ever forget that – YOU ARE WORTH IT!

Dare to be brave in a society that benefits off you fearing yourself and others. Remember: Comparison Is Death Of Self.

Be unapologetically yourself, ALWAYS.

Every waking moment is an opportunity to create the life you want. What are you waiting for? Start creating.

Sending you light and love, ALWAYS x

P.S Check out the Selfloveloveself365 Podcast.

Episode One: My Definition Of Self Love.

I took a leap, I’m being brave. Will you?


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