Self Peace•Inner Peace•Self Love

How blissful a feeling when you know every action you are currently taking is enabling you to out grow, all the damaging mental cobwebs of the past. How joyous to free yourself of all fear and mental blockages.

Your Self Growth is important.

Practising Self Love is important.

Inner peace is important!

I hope in times of hardship you find the strength to reflect on your behaviour, your actions and your growth. Pay attention to the uphill climb you have been tackling.

Love yourself.

Be gentle on yourself in times of wrong doing. Be patient in times of unknowing, by knowing what you’re going through is a powerful lesson in disguise.

Remember, we can’t always see clearly what’s right in front of us and in times of feeling as though you are undeserving remind yourself, however possible, that you are not only deserving of all you dream of but you are deserving of your own Self Appreciation. You deserve the greatest love you can possibly give to yourself.

Know your worth. Raise your bar.

Be greatful for opportunities that are uncomfortable, occurrences and circumstances that show you what you had and could have again, if you continue to correct your ill thinking and carry out all the required Self Work to ensure you permanently vibrate higher.

Be greatful to witness others growth, even if it’s without you.

Be greatful that you have the opportunity in this life to meet extraordinary humans who force you to come out of your comfort zone and tear down the barriers, you weren’t even aware you had up.

Be greatful, that those who we are unfortunate to have to part from, for the short term or always, have an astoundingly positive impact on your life especially if you couldn’t see it whilst you were going through the situation.

Be greatful for these amazing individuals that spark a light in a heart, that for too long has been stone cold. Those who remind you Love in all its forms, is home.

I hope you’ve practiced Self Love today and if not, you’re not too late to be brave. Do something that enables you to bask in your inner peace today.

Tell me what you’re greatful for.

Today I am greatful for:

    The awareness and opportunity to practice Self Love
    Bearing witness to others greatness
    Self Growth
    Peace of Mind
    Emotional release

Sending light and love, ALWAYS x

P.S. Are you ready to embark on your Self Love journey?



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