Feel The Fear But Be Brave Enough To Take The Leap, Your Adventure Awaits.

Have you noticed what scares you lately? When was the last time you felt scared?

Most of us seem to live on a horizontal line, of happiness at the top, sadness at the bottom and flatlining in the middle.

Are you flatlining? And if so, why so?

Has it been so long, that you have allowed yourself to feel anything other than numb. I am on a journey of Self Discovery and the things I have rediscovered about myself are both empowering and daunting. Feelings I feel that I can’t quite name because I have allowed my emotional vocabulary and catalogue to disintegrate because I have been able to acknowledge , that when you are young and you feel far too much, without the right teachings you aren’t aware of how to navigate through feelings and if the adult in charge also is unable to understand themselves, you get caught in negative cycles of pain, for miscommunication regularly rears its ugly head, you crave numbness, shutting what you know out and never address how you feel.

Emotion arises avoid, emotion arises avoid. Emotion arises avoid, EMOTION ARISES AVOID.

How often are you spending avoiding what you feel instead of sitting with what you feel?

What is it that scares you?

Can you take small steps towards the big action required yet?

See what I’m learning, is that in order to overcome our mental blockages we must be brave and take leaps, regardless of the outcome. It’s also best to refrain from over analysing what others may think. Others opinions or reactions are none of your business, what is your business is acting in the best interest of you and doing so with good intention. I cannot stress the importance of intention. Every hurdle we are challenged to face we have choice, we also have to set our intention. For example: if you are kind to someone because you know in doing so you can manipulate them into doing what you desire, this action is full of ill intent.

I’ve learnt that it’s wise to check your intentions during energy exchanges because if there is any underlying malice, you are operating from a place of being unhealed. If we operate from a place of desire, with intention to use others for our own means we generate bad energy, spread bad energy and exchange bad energy, in return for bad energy.

What is it that you have been avoiding? Annoyingly, that which we avoid holds the key to our growth, are you ready to let go and let grow?

I’ve been working really hard at unknotting ties I know are important and hold value in my life and as scary as it has been, it has been worth it. Not because my actions validated any expectation but my actions have been a means for me to relearn my Self, reconnect to my true self and relearn feelings I thought I had lost, feelings that are so strong I’m unsure how I ever let such feelings go and this is the part where our thoughts come in. If you think and live in a state of lack or inability i.e. ‘I don’t have enough to buy that,’ ‘I’m not good enough to achieve this’ what do you get? More lacking, more inability and slowly you gravitate away from the joyful feelings we as humans are capable of feeling like love, for example . Therefore you become removed from your feelings and focus heavily on your negative thoughts, lacking the gratitude required to allow positive feelings to develop stably. Feelings are highly neglected in this day and age and I feel it’s time we start focusing on the validity of what we feel, emphasis particularly on what we feel before allowing our thoughts to over power what we’re feeling, emotional intelligence based on gut instinct.

I implore you to rise to the occasion, right your wrongs and give yourself permission to grow, to be brave – release fear. There’s a whole world out there that needs your magic to evolve but first you must tune in. Tune in to heal yourself and then you can create powerful external connections. Self Growth is your destiny. You have something the world needs and you weren’t a seed planted for inaction. Find yourself. Un-bury yourself. Know what you bring to the table and stand strong when you bring it there. Time to stand in your strength, know your worth and jump your hurdles – I Dare you!

Take a moment now, to say what you’re GREATFUL (no typo) for.

I am greatful for reconnection.

I am greatful for Self Awareness.

I am greatful for opportunity.

I am greatful for vulnerability.

I am greatful for creatvity and I am greatful for Self Expression.

Sending light and love, ALWAYS x

P.S. I am holding the next Self Love Workshop on Saturday 7th September 2019 10am-12pm at The Palms Pechkam which has a lovely studio space. For further information and tickets please visit: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/self-love-workshop-tickets-69225267639

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