Gratitude & Self Expression

I am grateful!

The 1st Self Love workshop was a great success and to the attendees – I am grateful! Thank you for your energy, your presence and you vulnerability. it was beautiful!

As well as using this post to express my gratitude I feel compelled to discuss the importance of expression.

At this point in my journey, I feel I am learning to take things as they are and in the moment express clearly what I feel. It’s important to pay attention to when you feel unable to express yourself freely and question what arises in these moments, that prevents you from doing so.

Fear can prevent us from being honest and openly expressing ourselves but we must always rise above fear.

Always advocate to express your Self freely and pay attention to the places and people that arouse a feeling that leads you to hold back. For some, manipulation is a well nurtured communication exchange and although this is a learned behaviour it is not OK to ever be dismissed or declined, the permission to speak freely about how you feel.

As humans we will always interpret things based on our perceptions however it is important to ask for clarity, if we are ever unsure of what is being expressed.

Expression in any form i.e. writing, art, performance, imagery, is a very powerful tool.

Not everyone will understand your Self expression and not everyone has to but I feel we cross a very thin line, when we attempt to advise others on how to express themselves, albeit we must be mindful if we are choosing to express ourselves in a harmful way yet it is important to be able to express yourself for you first, comfortably. Free expression shouldn’t be accompanied with an apology or guilt for honestly speaking your mind.

Self Expression is Vulnerability.

Self Expression is shining a light on you, taking ownership of who you are and not feeling guilty for being true to yourself.

True expression is very difficult if you are tending to the idea that you need to come across in a certain way to other people. Comparison is the death of Self. Eradicate comparison from your life and know we are all capable of greatness, unlock your shackles, express yourself! Know that in doing so you will not fit into the boxes you previously occupied and this will make others uncomfortable but your priority is making yourself comfortable and lovable to yourself. With holding expression is harmful to Self.

Self Expression is tearing down the facade.

Self Expression is standing up for yourself, loudly or quietly but standing up for yourself, nonetheless.

Self Expression is your magic.

Ownership of Self is your power.

Self Healing = Self Seeing

Self Love is your freedom.

Sending light and love, ALWAYS x

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