You can build a safety net around yourself. The world is your canvas but you must be wise with your choices, you must be brave in your asks and you mustn’t let fear hold you back.

This life is full of ups and downs so you must nurture what grounds you. Nurture and value your space. Spread love to every corner of your mind, every particle of your being.

Let go of all false necessities that you feel bound to. You are more than what you look like, you possess more greatness than merely presenting yourself based on how you’re dressed. Rid yourself of false necessities, feel the essence of who you truly are.

L O V E Y O U R S E L F.

Please refrain from settling for convenience or because you want immediate gratification and have grown impatient with waiting. Remember, when you plant the seed is not the time you reap what you wish to manifest. It takes time for your intentions to grow. Everything takes time and set backs are just set backs. Use set backs to propel you in the direction you want to go.

Propel forward, fall forward, fail forward.

Give that which you wish for a real chance at growth and do everything within in your power to assist the development, of that which you are working towards and do not settle.

Settling is the killer of all dreams, settling is you saying to yourself you do not believe in your desires or your imagination. Know that if you felt something once before in this life, you can feel it again and it can be greater than before as long as you do not give up.

I hope you practice SELF LOVE today, in whatever way, shape or form that looks like to you.


Sending light & love, ALWAYS x

P.S. I’m holding a Self Love Workshop:



TIME: 10am – 12pm


Please tell a friend to tell a friend, you never know who may need a push in a positive direction.

Wishing you a Happy Sunday 🌸

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