Back To Self-Forgiveness

How easy is it to revert to old ways, even when you know better. How quickly we can slip back into unpleasant comfort, unpleasant, as every part of our being is informing us we have no place indulging in these comforts anymore but comfort is easy, comfort is known, comfort requires no effort, no pressure, no resistance.

I dedicate this day to Self-Forgiveness. It is ok to revert to old ways as long as you are aware of your actions, as long as you reclaim balance and continue to move forward with unearthing your true Self. Forgive yourself for reverting but promise to continue to do the required work and know and accept it’s going to be heavy and it’s going to be hard but YOU are worth it! You are powerful and deserving AND magnificent.

How can one truly share love, if one cannot master the courage to forgive oneself of any and all wrong doing, especially the wrong doings to Self?

Forgive so you can move forward, eradicate the blocks you have imposed on yourself and continuously give yourself permission to make mistakes, to Fail Forward and most importantly to grow. Forgive yourself for your lack of patience and begin to understand divine timing. Pay attention to where you are yet always remember where you came from, what you endured to get here and allow your love of Self to guide you. Attune within.

What is your message?

Without our obstacles how do we grow?

I know what it feels like to give up but everyday you must remind yourself of your importance and the importance of persevering, for one cannot always see the fruits that may grow but planting the seeds and striving nurtures hope.

Forgive yourself for yesterday’s wrong doing, for the regurgitation of habits you no longer wish to hold and continue on your journey allowing your love of Self to flourish.

To Love Thyself Would Be An Awfully Big Adventure. LD Lore

Sending light and love, ALWAYS x

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