I Honour Myself.

I Respect Myself.

I Am A Rich Abundant Source, No Harm Shall Come To Me, That I Cannot Overcome. #selfloveloveself365

I Am Strong.

I Am Brave. I Value Myself.

I Am Blessed With The Ability To Obtain Knowledge. Like A Plant I Can Grow If I Choose To Or Stay Stagnant And Die, Out In The Cold.

Do You Know How Special You Are?

Do You See Your Worth?

Do You Value Your Entity, Are You Practicing Self Worth?

Now Sisters And Brothers, I know The Road Is Long But Your Soul Searching Is Worth The Climbing.

Cleanse Your Mind And Body Of The Impurities We’ve Come To Lean On,

Your Time Is Now!

There’s A World Inside You That’s Worth Mining.

Grow Through What You Go Through And Like The Rose You Will Come Out Strong.

Thorns Protect Your Essence, Beauty Blinds And Lacks To Demonstrate Your True Strength.

Preserve Yourself! You Are A Being Of Magnificence! You Are A Being Of Great Soul.

Just As A Child’s Light Beams So Brightly, Your Internal Child Like Self Yearns To Evolve.

LD Lore #selfloveloveself365

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