Everything Is A Distraction.

Understanding everything that takes you away from working on your goals, building your dream life, is a distraction. A negative distraction that in time, will wear you down till you can pretend no more.

I wonder is this the likelihood for marriages that don’t last. Did you build something in your mind which wasn’t true? Did you take the time to really understand you?

In safety how do we grow? If we fill our time up with meaningless encounters whilst we shy away and hide from the fact that we have barely begun to digest who we are, our true purpose, our gift to the world, we do ourselves an injustice.

Everything is a distraction if you are voyaging on your self journey, sent to tempt you away from the wonderful life you can achieve. Always pay attention to what’s sent your way, your daily reminders and intuitive inclinations, everything has reason.

Surely the less distracted you are, the quicker you propel to your goal, surely only great achievement awaits with this level of persistence, this level of self love.

Send love to those who cross your path and forgive those who tainted it. Let go, move forward, don’t allow distractions to settle too long.

Be strong in continuing your journey. Envision who are, show up as who you are and radiate a love so powerful, everything vibrating lower than you is kept at bay.

Sending light and love, ALWAYS x

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