If you can take each moment of each day and accept each moment for what it is, each second is an opportunity to learn, to express gratitude, to find true inner peace – you will be blessed, you are blessed. In every moment of conscious thought you are blessed. Your power is infinite. You are amazing. It’s time we teach the youth to be great, to install in them the importance of being able to communicate and express themselves and the importance of self-love as well as the importance of healing. Above all we must incorporate the power of healing and holistic health into education. 

I must stress the importance of both learning and understanding patience, the importance of expressing gratitude and the beauty of time although I speak not of time of the manmade essence. Express gratitude for both the exciting and quiet moments. Express gratitude for rest, for the opportunity to learn, for solitude and for the ability to work on self-love. We must learn to truly understand the concernment of self-love.

Self-love enables you to function at your greatest level. Self-love means giving yourself permission to grow, you are not stuck but you must pay attention to what you feed yourself both digestively and linguistically. Both means work alongside one another, you can’t have greater health if you feed your physical body well but misfeed your internal dialect. We underestimate children’s ability to pick up on our own self-neglect which in turn we unknowingly show them that this behaviour is OK – it is not.

What is the greatest act of self-love you have granted yourself recently?   

Is there something you can do for yourself on a daily basis to kindly remind yourself of your own importance? The smallest amount of praise, the smallest token of self-respect what is it? Start doing it immediately and repeat it regularly – Now. If you’ve tasked yourself to say something nice, to compliment yourself, say it now. 

I am so grateful for the opportunity to grow and although it’s very hard – it’s hard to unlearn bad habits but how glorious it feels once you conquer and extinguish negative fires you weren’t even aware you lit. And maybe they’re fires you carried from generations of unhealed women of your family line, fires passed down without intention, just beautiful strong yet hurt women unknowingly recycling their unhealed grief.

You have permission to extinguish these fires. This is your life. This is your blank canvas. Do with it as you choose but do all with good intention and if you ever catch yourself out of place, out of sync with true self, you must always know – you are welcome to return home. Death of the destructive self is powerful and the power that comes with this is greater responsibility. Greater strength is required to ensure you grasp the importance of nurturing the new self, nurturing and preventing oneself from falling back into the lifeless motion of the lost.

Be scared yet fearless – go for your dreams with relentless obsession. Value your mind, continuously feed your mind, let us as adults relearn the importance of intelligence and teach children to be proud of being intelligent, proud of being inquisitive and proud of who they are. I hope one day you too, feel proud of who you are. 

Sending light and love, ALWAYS x

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